Little Nightmares Complete Walkthrough

A guide to Light Nightmares, a complete walkthrough to each section.

This guide is a complete walkthrough for Little Nightmares and details each section of the game. Little Nightmares takes you through a surreal world as a hungry nine-year-old who must survive the crazed denizens of this strange place.

Little Nightmares Part 1 – The Prison

After waking up underground, you will need to make your way through the bowels of the level, using your lighter to illuminate the areas around you. Be sure to open up and explore each area, because some paths are hidden behind certain objects, such as the fridge that can be used as a ladder!

Little Nightmares Part 2 – The Lair

The second section of Little Nightmares takes you into The Lair. You will need to pass through kitchens, bedrooms, and up elevators. Remember to try and avoid the monster and enemies that appear. You can do this by hiding, such as in empty boxes or by sneaking past them.

Little Nightmares Part 3 – The Kitchen

The next part of the Little Nightmares walkthrough takes you into The Kitchen. You will wake up once more in darkness and have to climb a tall ladder to reach the next area. In the dark bedrooms, when you get the key off the wall run below the bed to hide, as the key hitting the floor will wake the chef. You will need to avoid the chef as he’s cooking and preparing food.

In the room with two chefs, you will need to run to the front of the room and drop down into the gap below the floor to avoid them. The goal is to use the meat hooks to reach the final stretch where you must continually sprint from the chef who chases you.

Little Nightmares Part 4 – The Guest Area

The fourth part in the Little Nightmares walkthrough is The Guest Area. You will need to climb all over the boat, and even up the outside using the anchor’s chain. The main area requires you to avoid being caught and eaten by the guests. You can avoid the guests by jumping and climbing up plates, and using lanterns to swing past their groping hands. The Guest Area in Little Nightmares is over once you have eaten again.

Little Nightmares Part 5 – The Lady’s Quarters

The final area in the Little Nightmares walkthrough is The Lady’s Quarters. This area begins fairly quietly, however you will eventually be chased by The Lady. To escape The Lady you will need to sprint as fast as you can into whatever little doorway or hiding place you can find.

In the final boss fight against The Lady, you will need to use the mirror and the spotlights to damage her. Stand in the light and face her while holding the mirror to shine light on her, blinding her temporarily. You will need to find a new patch of light for when she comes back. Repeat this process until she’s knocked onto the ground, then approach her and finish the fight!

Little Nightmares is a short and terrifying game, with many challenges and hidden secrets. Be sure to watch the videos showing you where to find all the collectibles! 

Now that you've used our complete walkthrough to beat Little Nightmares, perhaps you want to know what the Little Nightmares story and ending really mean.

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