Top World of Tanks GIFs of the Week - Week 10

We can all take a lesson from the good-natured tanker in the last GIF.

It’s time for another set of the Top World of Tanks GIFs of the Week! In this series, we gather several of the best World of Tanks GIFs online and post them into a single article for your amusement. As usual, most of these GIFs were curated from the r/WorldofTanks subreddit over the past week. As such, each GIF will have a link to its corresponding thread where applicable. 

The subreddit isn’t the only place for GIFs, however. We’d love to see your crazy World of Tanks plays as well, so if you’ve got a clip that’s GIF worthy, feel free to send it our way. Simply upload your gameplay clip to Gfycat to create a GIF, then send us the link via Facebook or Twitter. 

Now without further ado, let’s check out the Top World of Tanks GIFs of Week 10! 

The Solution to High Ping

When a high ping causes you to miss shots in World of Tanks, the only plausible solution is to ram the enemy to death. Okay, maybe this isn’t the most practical solution, but whatever works, right?

In our first GIF this week, we see a steady T34 miss a decently aligned shot on an enemy at the base of the hill on Mines. It seems their high ping may have been the culprit. How do they secure the kill? By smashing them, of course!

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