Battlefield 1 Players Sure Do Love To Troll Each Other

Sometimes, killing your enemy simply isn’t enough.

The mere fact that Battlefield 1 is, at the end of the day, a video game means that all sorts of shenanigans can occur during a typical multiplayer match. However, there are shenanigans, and then there’s some truly epic trolling in which you just can’t help but feel sorry for the player on the receiving end.

Our first example of truly devious trolling comes courtesy of Redditor Spalunking01, who decided to have a little fun when they encountered a lone enemy player in a tank:

Not to be outdone, Redditor iPureSkillz later posted a direct response to Spalunking01’s tank gif post, showing how a recent encounter with an enemy sniper went:

Kudos to the enemy player for finally bringing iPureSkillz down, too bad the above tank player couldn’t pull off a similar victory in their epic tank vs. man duel against Spalunking01.

For more crazy Battlefield 1 clips, be sure to check out our recent coverage of one brave player who managed to take down an entire enemy all by themselves while using nothing but a pistol.  

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