Destiny: How to Beat Aksis Challenge - Wrath of the Machine

How to complete the Aksis Challenge Mode in Destiny's Wrath of the Machine raid.

This guide will show you how to beat the Aksis Challenge in the Wrath of the Machine raid. As part of Destiny's Age of Triumph, Bungie has lifted all of the raids to 390 Light and included new rewards for successfully completing the Challenges. Completing the Challenges in the Wrath of the Machine raid are an integral part of completing the Age of Triumph booklet.

How to Beat the Aksis Challenge

To beat the Aksis Challenge in the Wrath of the Machine, every single time Aksis teleports, an Empowered Guardian must activate the Supercharge plate before the other Empowered player stuns Aksis.

Aksis Challenge Guide

This guide will focus solely on the final phase of the Aksis fight, where he actually teleports and the Supercharge plates light up.

First, begin the fight and kill the Shanks that spawn while avoiding Aksis’ attacks. He teleports around the arena during this section, but you do not need to worry about the Supercharge plates as no one is currently Empowered.

Next, kill the Captains when they spawn, take the Cannons, then kill the appropriate Servitor. The Void Cannon will need to kill the Void Servitor, the Scorch Cannon must kill the Scorch Servitor, and so on. Kill all the Servitors until the SIVA Clusters drop, at which point two players should throw their SIVA Clusters while the last player waits.

Everyone should get into position with an Empowered player on the left, one in the center, and another on the right. Once everyone is in position, the final SIVA Cluster should be thrown. At this point, Aksis will teleport for the first time.

The Empowered players on the left and right should stand on the Supercharge plate and face the location where Aksis teleports. Additionally, the center Empowered player should stand in the middle and be prepared to run backwards or forwards onto the Supercharge plate. All Empowered players should be holding X/Square as Aksis teleports so they can use the Supercharge plate as soon as possible.

An Empowered player who sees Aksis teleport in front of them should make their way toward Aksis and slam him after they see the text, “Guardians supercharged!” After the Aksis is stunned, all players should shoot him and use their Supers such as Shadowshot or Ward of Dawn. Note that when Aksis teleports again, the next Empowered person will have to activate the Supercharge plate.

Aksis will teleport three times, meaning the Supercharge plates will need to be activated three times per damage phase in order for the Challenge to be completed. After Aksis teleports the third time, all players should deal as much damage to him as possible using Dark Drinker, Shadowshot, Ward of Dawn, or Snipers.

Aksis will retreat to his platform and all players will need to use one of the canisters to avoid the SIVA wipe mechanic. Repeat the above steps until Aksis is down, making sure to always activate a Supercharge plate whenever he teleports.

With so much happening during the fight, it can be difficult to monitor everyone’s roles. Nevertheless, as long as all players know how the Aksis Challenge works, there shouldn’t be too many issues. If you read this guide, you should now know how to beat the Aksis Challenge in the Wrath of the Machine.

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