Best Tank Destroyers for Noobs in World of Tanks

Several noob-friendly Tank Destroyer for the novice World of Tanks player.

Tank Destroyers are a different kind of beast in World of Tanks, as they differ quite dramatically from the standard trio of Light, Medium, and Heavy tanks. Plus, their lack of armor and brutally high alpha damage often set them apart and position them as snipers.

For many new players, deciding how to dive into the world of Tank Destroyers can be tricky, so we’ve gathered six of the best Tank Destroyers for noobs in World of Tanks.

While this list is primarily for new players, we also want to hear from the World of Tanks veterans out there. If you had a friend who's just starting and wanted to play a Tank Destroyer, which one would you point them towards?

Panzerjager I

The Panzerjager I is one of the best beginner Tank Destroyers for noobs.

First on our list of best Tank Destroyers for noobs is the Panzerjager I, one of the best low-tier Tank Destroyers in the game. This is a Tier 2 German TD positioned as one of the highest rated in its tank type. Being a Tier 2 tank, new players will be able to try out their luck with thisTank Destroyer right out of the gate.

By fusing two of the best stats into one TD (accuracy and alpha damage), the Panzerjager I is able to dominate a match when used correctly. It does have a few shortcomings, though, most notably its paper-thin armor. With only 13 mm of hull armor all around, it won't be able to stand up to much—if any—punishment.

While the Panzerjager I is powerful, it will also help get a new player in the mindset of playing a TD, as their armor values are typically lacking.

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