Yooka-Laylee - All Pagies in Moodymaze Marsh - World 3

Where to find all Pagies in  Moodymaze Marsh, the third world in Yooka-Laylee.

This guide will show you how to get all Pagies in Moodymaze Marsh, the third world of Yooka-Laylee. Each of the Grand Tomes in Yooka-Laylee has 25 Pagies that can be collected. 23 of these Pagies are collected through challenges or battles, with the final two being earned by collecting all Ghost Writers and the 200 Quills.

All Pagies in Moodymaze Marsh World 3

  1. The first Pagie you can collect in Moodymaze Marsh is located just after the start of the level. You will need to press a button and make your way across a small river, but be careful not to splash as that will drop the cage. Land softly on the floating plank using Glide. 
  2. Speak to Ollie the trolley and gain access to a maze where the reward is another Pagie! 
  3. After the maze, follow the path to another trolley called Wally, he will ask you to destroy all the nearby mushrooms to earn a Pagie. Use the Sonic ‘Splosion to take them all down quickly. 
  4. Another Pagie is located through the swamp down a second hole in the ground filled with water. You will need to press the button and make your way past the spikey rocks to collect the Pagie – Bubble Walk makes this easier and quicker. 
  5. This Pagie can be found after the water-filled tunnel with spikey rocks, use the Lizard Lash ability to pull down a box and climb a series of platforms. 
  6. Another Pagie can be found in a small building after the water and spikey rock-filled tunnel. You need to use the three buttons to activate air flow to push a block through a maze and have it land on a button. 
  7. This Pagie is suspended in a cage after the log float section. To collect the Pagie you need to use the Slurp Shot to swallow a fire seed and breathe fire into the tube to break the rope. 
  8. Jolly the trolley will task you with turning on a water filter to earn this Pagie. You must press all the buttons, starting with the one next to him by using Lizard Lash to pull the block forward. Use Lizard Lash to reach the other spinning platforms in time. 
  9. After cleaning the water, you can find another Pagie beneath the water trapped among some thorns, to collect it you need to use the transformation pad and use your new ability to swim through the thorns. To use the pad, you will first need to locate the Mollycool in Moodymaze Marsh. 
  10. To find another Pagie, swim below the now-clean water and head into a pipe to reach Murky Passage. Pass through the halls using Bubble Walk to press buttons and open gates, at the end is a Pagie in a cage, stand on the button to free the Pagie. 
  11. This Pagie can be found below the clean water through a pipe that leads to Swampy Station. To collect the Pagie you must use the Reptile Rush skill to break through the glass. Once through, use Reptile Rush on the buttons in the next few rooms to get through the closing doors. At the end of the section is another Pagie. 
  12. Another Pagie can be found in Dusty Duct, an area below water that can only be reached by using the transformation to get past the thorns blocking the pipe. Make your way through the maze, press the button, and dodge the electricity, you’ll enter a room with a trolley pinned under bones. Knock the bones away and you’ll be rewarded with a Pagie. 
  13. You can collect another Pagie by finding the Rextro arcade machine after the water cleaning puzzle. Make sure you’ve collected the Moodymaze Marsh Play Coin! 
  14. Play Rextro’s game again and beat the high score of 4000 to unlock another Pagie. 
  15. Another Pagie can be earned from Kartos, who is found at the back of the giant structure past Rextro’s arcade. You will need to collect 125 gems to earn this Pagie. 
  16. Defeat the Moodymaze Marsh boss, Trev the Tenteyecle in the giant metal building near Rextro, to earn this Pagie. 
  17. After expanding the Grand Tome, make your way across the new floating logs, then look for the rock formation with the pressure plate lifts, at the top is your Pagie. The Pagie is in a cage surrounded by a lot of enemies. It’s a trap, you will need to kill all the enemies before you can collect the Pagie. 
  18. Continue along the expanded path until you reach a series of Lizard Lash platforms that are on fire, this will lead you to another Pagie. Wait for the fire to fade, and then Lizard Lash along them. There is a brazier hidden around a corner near the third platform, you will need to use Slurp State to carry a coal up to the top where you Buddy Slam the button to open the cage to collect the Pagie. 
  19. Find the pumpkin near the pipe, it will give you a Pagie when you clear the obstacle course in time. 
  20. Clara will give you a Pagie when you help her clear out a cave system through a tunnel. She can be found near the building surrounded by a moat in the expanded area. Enter the pipe and use Sonic ‘Splosion to clear away the fog and break the blocks. 
  21. Another Pagie can be found below the water in the moat near Bones, in a new area called Hotswitch Hollow. To enter this area you will need to quickly press four buttons before they depress. There are several rooms with the same mechanic, you will need to be extremely fast to have them all pressed at once. If you can do it, there will be a Pagie at the end for you! 
  22. In the new area you will see a slanted wall with Quills on it, roll over this ramp to reach a pipe that will take you to another Pagie. To collect this Pagie you must complete the race track before the timer runs out. 
  23. Another Pagie can be earned from Planker, who you can find after the pink Ghost Writer. To help Planker, you must knock down the mushroom seeds and drag them into the holes in the ground. Be careful not to let them hit thorns! 
  24. Collect all Ghost Writers to unlock this Pagie. 
  25. Collect all 200 Quills to unlock this Pagie.

There are 25 Pagies that can be collected in the third world, though a few of them require you to return after making it further in the game. Take your time to familiarize yourself with level so you know where to look! If you followed this guide, you should now know where to find all Pagies in Moodymaze Marsh in Yooka-Laylee.

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