Yooka-Laylee - All Pagies in Glitterglaze Glacier - World 2

Where to find all Pagies in Glitterglaze Glacier, the second world in Yooka-Laylee. 

This guide will show you where to find all Pagies in Glitterglaze Glacier, World 2 of Yooka-Laylee. Each of the Grand Tomes in Yooka-Laylee has 25 Pagies that can be collected. 23 of these Pagies are collected through challenges or battles, with the final two being earned by collecting all Ghost Writers and the 200 Quills.

All Pagies in Glitterglaze Glacier World 2

  1. The first Pagie you can find is to the right of Trowzers, locked in a cage. Buddy Slam the button to activate an obstacle course behind you. Complete the course to free the Pagie. 
  2. Another Pagie is locked in a cage as you enter Crystaline Caves, to free it you need to hit the crystal in the right order using a single shot of Sonar Shot. The order is: center, bottom, top, left, right, bottom left, and bottom right. 
  3. Find Gloomy Gem Grotto underwater and make your way through the dark maze to unlock another Pagie. 
  4. Kartos is found across the water near Trowzers, you’ll need to collect 100 gems this time to earn your Pagie. If you hit an enemy you lose a gem, so be careful! 
  5. Another Pagie is found up a hill near Kartos that has a few Mr Blowys. Use the Buddy Slam to activate the buttons, and use Slurp State on the cannon balls so you don’t blow off the edge. The Pagie is at the top in a cage. 
  6. This Pagie is found in the same area near Kartos. There are several Mr Blowys and moving platforms. Stand on the platforms to make the next one appear, when you jump off, it will stay still. You will need to stop the platforms out of the way of the Mr Blowys so you don’t fall off. 
  7. This Pagie is found in a cage near Planker, who is on the other side of the water to Trowzers. To collect the Pagie, use Slurp State to fire grenades at the blocks on the center platform. To do this, make your way to the right-most tower connected to the middle platform and head around the back. Use Slurp State on the grenade bush and use roll to race back to the blocks. Use the grenades to destroy all the blocks to reveal the statue. 
  8. A Pagie is given to you after you help Clara, the Skeleton Explorer. You will need to use Buddy Slam to smash the igloos. 
  9. This Pagie is found in the expanded Grand Tome in the new Icymetric Palace. Enter the new area and continue through the left-most doors until you reach an elevator that begins moving when you shoot a button. Stay on the elevator through the gauntlet until you reach the end to collect this Pagie. 
  10. Another Pagie is found through a room maze in Icymetric Palace. This maze room has a series of doors you must go through to progress, but reach room looks exactly the same except for pink lights on the ground. You will need to take the following doors to reach the Pagie: right, right, ahead, left, ahead. Enter the room and move the block of ice into the sunlight and then use Camo Cloak to fire a laser at the cage to release the Pagie. 
  11. There is another Pagie in a cage in Icymetric Palace who challenges you to a quiz. To collect the Pagie, you must correctly answer three questions in a row. The questions relate to what’s in the room, so here’s some information: 7 torches, 5 vents, 5 floating barrels, 4 chests, 3 crates, 3 skulls, 3 pipes, and 1 entrance into the room. 
  12. Defeat the Glitterglaze Glacier world boss that is found in Burnie, in the Icymetric Palace to receive another Pagie. 
  13. After defeating the boss in Burnie, use the flame brazier near Burnie to get back into his mouth. Head up the ramp and into the next room to find a series of spinning pipes. Make your way to the other side to collect the Pagie. 
  14. After helping Burnie, the vents in the Icymetric Palace will be activated. In the same room as Burnie, use Glide over the vent to be lifted up to the Pagie. 
  15. Play and beat Rextro’s arcade machine to earn another Pagie. 
  16. Play and beat the high score on Rextro’s arcade to earn another Pagie 
  17. This Pagie can be found in a room in Icymetric Palace with be a long hallway with continually sliding walls covered in spikes. Make it to the top of this hallway to collect the Pagie. 
  18. In the same area as the long hallway with spiked walls is a path that leads to a Pagie locked behind bars, to free it you must head back out of the Icymetric Palace and jump into the water below. Open up the door below the water using the ice key and head inside. Swim to the top, activate the button, and use Sonic Shot on all the statues to open the door at the bottom. Swim through and you’ll find the Pagie. 
  19. After the last Pagie, find the vent in the corner of the room and use Glide to jump up. Go through the pathway and defeat the enemies in the room to reveal a bunch of doors. Use the left door in the back corner to meet a hot tub with a Pagie in a cage. To collect the Pagie use the Bubble Walk ability while in the hot tub to generate bubbles. Try using it repeatedly until it works! 
  20. Another Pagie is located near the start of the level past an area that is extremely cold. You will need to use the Slurp State skill to eat a piece of coal and sit on braziers along the way to light them up. Light up all the braziers and the ice around the Pagie will melt. 
  21. Collect the snowmen’s hats to get another Pagie. You will need to collect the Mollycool before you can find the hats, as they are all buried beneath the piles of boulders. The first one you can find is near Planker, you will need to get the truck to the top of the platforms and boost into the snowpile. The second one, a top hat is in Crystalline Cave, you can get there through the shortcut near the transformation machine. The third hat, a cowboy hat is near the beginning of the level, you can reach it by heading through Crystalline Cave. The fourth hat, a witch hat is near Clara and igloos. And finally, the pirate hat is up the path toward the Icymetric Palace, you will need to use the floating platform to reach it. The pirate snowman is below where you find the pirate hat, near the water. The witch snowman is in the Crystalline Cave. The pants go to the snowman in the area that hurts you unless you are using the Slurp State or have all the braziers lit. The cowboy hat goes to the snowman in the underwater cave near Clara and the igloos. Finally, the top hat goes to the snowman near the igloos, he’s near the cliff. 
  22. Another Pagie is in the Icymetric Palace stuck in a block of ice. Buddy Slam the blue tiles to lower them, then push the Pagie stuck in the ice along the track and into the warm vent after defeating Burnie. To reach this room from the entrance, take the left door and then the next left door. 
  23. Across from the Icymetric Palace is an outcropping with a Pagie in a cage, to reach it you will need to have the Flappy Flight skill. Once you reach it, Buddy Slam the button and complete the obstacle course within the time limit to collect the Pagie. 
  24. Collect all Ghost Writers to earn this Pagie. 
  25. Collect all 200 Quills to earn this Pagie. 

There are 25 Pagies that can be collected in the second world, though a few of them require you to return after making it further in the game. Take your time to familiarize yourself with level so you know where to look! If you followed this guide, you should now know where to find all Pagies in Glitterglaze Glacier in Yooka-Laylee.

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