Yooka-Laylee - Where to Find All Skills

All the skills in Yooka-Laylee and where to find them.

This guide will show you where to find all of the skills in Yooka-Laylee. There are heaps of abilities and moves you can unlock as you progress through Yooka-Laylee, with a lot of them being crucial when trying to collect things like the Pirate Treasures, the Butterfly Boosters, or the Power Extenders.

The skills are also useful when trying to unlock all the Pagies, as you will need to return to old worlds once you’ve learned the necessary skills. Each of these skills are taught to you by Trowzer, who you will need to find in each of the levels. 

Tail Twirl Free  

You’ll learn Tail Twirl for free at the beginning of the game. This move lets Yooka spin around, smacking enemies with his tail. 

Reptile Roll Free  

Trowzers will teach you Reptile Roll after you collect your first Pagie from on top of the golden statue of Capital B. Reptile Roll lets you roll up steep ramps that you would otherwise slide down. 

Sonar Shot – 30 Quills 

You can purchase Sonar Shot from Trowzers for 30 Quills in the first level, Tribalstack Tropics. Sonar Shot lets Laylee shoot sound at enemies and statues. When fired at invisible or sleeping statues, the Sonar Shot will activate invisible platforms or stun enemies.  

Slurp Shot – 30 Quills  

You can purchase Slurp Shot from Trowzers for 30 Quills in the first level, Tribalstack Tropics. Slurp Shot lets Yooka each the berries off of bushes and shoot them. You can eat ice, water, fire, and grenade berries. 

Buddy Slam – 30 Quills  

You can purchase Buddy Slam from Trowzers for 30 Quills in the first level, Tribalstack Tropics. Buddy Slam allows Yooka, after jumping, to slam into the ground, dealing damage to enemies and activating special buttons. 

Glide – Free 

Trowzers will teach you Glide after you’ve completed Dr. Quack’s first quiz. You will meet him as you head to the next Grand Tome. 

Slurp State – 40 Quills 

You can purchase Slurp State for 40 Quills from Trowzers in Glitterglaze Glacier, the second world. Slurp State is like Slurp Shot, but instead of shooting what you eat, Yooka takes on the properties of what he eats. For instance, using Slurp State on a beehive makes Yooka sticky, cannon balls make him heavy, glowing pots makes Yooka glow, and batteries electrify Yooka. 

Lizard Leap – 40 Quills  

Lizard Leap can be purchased from Trowzer in Glitterglaze Glacier for 40 Quills and allows you to jump even higher. This skill is useful for accessing hard-to-reach places. 

Bubble Walk – Free 

After you meet Trowzer in Glitterglaze Glacier, leave and head into the Archive across from the Grand Tome. To unlock the Archive, you will need to use the ice seeds found in Rextro’s Arcade to press the button on the door. Trowzes will be in the back-left corner near the arrow. He will teach you Bubble Walk and direct you to practice in the fish tank in the center of the Archive. Bubble Walk lets you walk below water. 

Lizard Lash – 60 Quills 

Lizard Lash can be purchased from Trowzer in Moodymaze Marsh for 60 Quills. Lizard Lash lets Yooka use his tongue to pull himself up to ledges. It can also be used to grab onto objects and pull them around. 

Sonar ‘Splosion – 60 Quills 

Sonar ‘Splosion is purchased from Trowzer in Moodymaze Marsh for 60 Quills. Sonar ‘Splosion is used to break some glass or ice blocks, and can be used to knock out enemies. This skill is also used to activate some objects in the environment, specifically in Capital Cashino. 

Camo Cloak – Free 

As you are heading to World 4, Capital Cashino, you will come across Trowzers who will teach you Camo Cloak for free. Camo Cloak turns Yooka and Laylee invisible, but drains your power while it’s activated. It’s a good idea to collect all the Power Extenders, as you will be using Camo Cloak a lot. When invisible, you can hold Left Trigger to bend over when a light or laser is shining on you to create a laser you can point around the room. 

Reptile Rush – 80 Quills 

Reptile Rush is purchased from Trowzers Capital Cashino for 80 Quills. Reptile Rush allows you to, while using Reptile Roll, charge up a spinning move that blasts you forwards extremely quickly. This is useful when you need to break glass or push heavy objects. 

Flappy Flight – Free 

After you meet Trowzer in Capital Cashino, leave and head back to the entrance to this new section of the hub. Look for Vendi and head to the other side of the area near all the green toxic goo, Trowzer will be waiting to teach you Flappy Flight. This new skill allows you to fly for as long as you want, so long as you have enough power. This skill is extremely useful in collecting all the Pirate Treasures. 

Sonar Shield – Fifth Level 100 Quills 

The final skill you can collect in Yooka-Laylee is Sonar Shield and can be purchased from Trowzer in Galleon Galaxy for 100 Quills. Sonar Shield lets Laylee create a shield around the duo that prevents all damage, so long as you have enough power to keep it charged. Sonar Shield lets you get through gassy areas, across and through laser grids, and blocks damage from enemies. 

All the skills in Yooka-Laylee will help you collect all the Pagies in each of the worlds, as well as collect all the different collectibles. Take your time to save up your Quills, as purchasing all the skills will cost 470 Quills. If you read this guide, you should now know how to where to find all the skills in Yooka-Laylee. 

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