Yooka-Laylee - All Pirate Treasure Locations

Where to find all of the skulls, the Pirate Treasure, in Yooka-Laylee.

This guide will show you where to find all five of the Pirate Treasures in Yooka-Laylee. These five skulls are extremely well-hidden around the five worlds in Yooka-Laylee and require you to have the Flappy Flight skill from Trowzer. Finding all the Pirate Treasures doesn’t just unlock a Tonic from Vendi, but three Achievements.

Tribalstack Tropics – World 1

This is the easiest Pirate Treasure to find and is located to the left of the starting locationg.

The Pirate Treasure in Tribalstack Tropics can be found in the building to the left of the starting location. Around the back of the building are a few holes in the wall, you will need to reach these holes to collect the Pirate Treasure. To do this, either use Flappy Flight, or climb the building and jump from one of the ledges into the holes.

Glitterglaze Glacier – World 2

In the Gloomy Gem Grotto is where you'll find this Pirate Treasure, hidden above the orange monster.

To find the Pirate Treasure in Glitterglaze Glacier, you will need to head into the Gloomy Gem Grotto. To find the grotto, head to Trowzer, jump into the water and swim to the right, the entrance is below the water. Head through the obstacle course until you reach the orange monster, the Pirate Treasure will be above you on a tall rock. You may need Flappy Flight to reach it.

Moodymaze Marsh – World 3

This Pirate Treasure can be found at the beginning of the level after swimming through the second water-filled tunnel.

The Pirate Treasure in Moodymaze Marsh can be found on top of the building to you right after coming out from the second underwater section. You will pass through an underwater tunnel filled with spiky rocks, once you surface, turn right to find the building. Climb the building or use Flappy Flight to reach the top. The Pirate Treasure is in the smokestacks.

Capital Cashino – World 4

The Pirate Treasure is directly above you as you enter the world, you will need Flappy Flight or the Mollycool transformation to reach it.

This Pirate Treasure in Capital Cashino is at the very start of the level. When you enter, turn around and look above you, the Pirate Treasure is floating above the lamp. You can either use Flappy Flight or Dr. Puzz’s transformation to reach it.

Galleon Galaxy – World 5

The final Pirate Treasure can be found inside the giant pink moon.
You will need to avoid going down the slides, instead, use Flappy Flight to fly down to the right and land on top of one of the globes.

The final Pirate Treasure is found in the expanded version Galleon Galaxy. You will need to make your way to the giant pink moon and head inside to the Velocity Terminal. Instead of going down the slide, use Flappy Flight to go out into the sky. The Pirate Treasure is on top of one of the small globes down to the right.

While collecting all the Pirate Treasures doesn’t unlock anything in the game, they do unlock three different Achievement or Trophies. If you followed this guide, you should now know all Pirate Treasure locations in Yooka-Laylee.

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