World of Tanks Celebrates Sixth Anniversary

Be sure to log in and claim your free rewards including discounts and XP bonuses.

April 12th marks the sixth anniversary of World of Tanks’ North American launch, and in celebration, Wargaming is set to offer a number of in-game bonuses that all players can take advantage of.

First, players can get a free bonus garage slot and special anniversary emblem simply by logging in before April 12th. Additionally, the first victory a player earns each day up until Tuesday, April 11th will grant five times the usual amount of XP.

Discounts on the following items are also active from now until April 13th:

  • Equipment – 50 percent off
  • Camouflage – 50 percent off
  • Emblems and Inscriptions – 50 percent off
  • Tier VI-VII Premium Vehicles – 30 percent off
  • Tier VIII Premium Vehicles – 15 percent off
  • Tier VIII-X Regular Vehicles – 15 percent off

Alongside the above bonuses, there’s a new series of Tank Mastery missions available. Each Tank Mastery mission a player completes will grant a Personal Reserve that enables +100 percent Free XP for two hours, as well as a Tank Mastery emblem for the associated tank.

The following tanks have Tank Mastery missions from today until April 17th:

  • T-34-2
  • VK 28.01
  • Jagdpanzer E 100
  • Pz.Kpfw. VII

For more on the latest World of Tanks coverage, be sure to read up on our guide to how spaced armor works and how you can best use it to your advantage. 

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