How Many of These Little-Known Facts Did You Know About World of Tanks?

Test your World of Tanks knowledge!

World of Tanks is an incredibly complex game, with numerous gun and shell types, an array of armor thicknesses and variations, and hundreds of different tanks.

While many veteran players may feel like they know practically everything there is to know about the game, there may be one or two things they’ve yet to learn. So we’re curious, how many of these little-known facts do you know about World of Tanks?

Extra Gun Depression

Don't rely on it, but slamming on the brakes tilts your tank forward, bringing your gun down lower.

Gun depression is extremely important when sniping from high ground and peeking over ridges, but did you know there is a way to manually increase your gun depression?

It may not be the most viable strategy, and there’s no way to control it properly, but if you’re going fast and slam on your brakes, your tank will rock forward due to the momentum, tipping your gun down.

As we said, this isn’t something you’ll want to rely on, but it sure makes for some clutch plays when you need an extra degree or two to shoot someone below you. Just be careful when employing this method, as you don't want to go careening off a cliff!

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