Watch This Horse Go Flying in Battlefield 1

Horses have been accumulating frequent flyer miles in Battlefield 1.

Unpredictable game physics can lead to some hilarious surprises. Thanks to the game’s quirky collision physics, flying horses have become a reality in Battlefield 1, and we’ve got some amusing GIFs to prove it.

In the clip below, a player drives an artillery truck straight towards a stationary horse in multiplayer. The truck collides with the horse head-on, launching the horse sky-high across the desert. The player even has the presence of mind to zoom in using the mounted scope as the horse soars toward the horizon.

This clip was posted to the r/Battlefield subreddit earlier this week by a user named UnluckyChums, but it’s not the first clip to feature an amusing aerial horse stunt in Battlefield 1. A user named ttweinman also posted a GIF recently on a different Battlefield 1 subreddit that showcases a similar encounter with another surprisingly lightweight horse. We decided to include it here as well, just for added giggles. 

Like the first clip, the player in this second GIF also slammed into the horse with a vehicle, which seems to be the common theme of all these flying horse antics. If you want to send horses flying in Battlefield 1, directly crashing into them with a high-speed vehicle seems to be the way to go about it. 

Perhaps you’ve witnessed your own flying equine experiences in Battlefield 1, or have seen even weirder stunts. If so, we’d love to see it. Feel free to link your own Battlefield 1 GIFs in the comment section below!


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