World of Tanks: Community Tips for New Players

Advice for new World of Tanks players from community members that know best.

One of the best ways to learn how to play World of Tanks is to get advice from experienced players in the community. Recently in our Tank Gawd It’s Friday series, we asked our readers to come up with tips they would give to new players who were just starting out in World of Tanks. Due to the great responses we received from the community, we have selected several of our favorite tips to feature in this list. 

We've curated five general tips from the community to give as advice for novice World of Tanks players. Although this list is not exhaustive of all the tips we received, the tips listed here were mentioned across multiple comments from our readers. If you know any new players who might benefit from knowing the tips listed here, send them this article to help them expand their World of Tanks knowledge and skills. 

Tip #1: Be Patient

Patience goes a long way in World of Tanks. Among the many responses, several commenters mentioned the importance of being patient when it comes to progressing down a tank line on the tech tree. You’ll encounter more experienced players as you move up in tiers, so it’s important not to move up in tier before you’re ready.

New players should spend time learning the basic game mechanics while at the lower tiers.

New players should use the first five tiers as practice grounds for learning the details of the game mechanics in World of Tanks. Players who rush through the tiers end up doing themselves a disservice, as they won’t have the competitive skills needed to compete in higher tier matches.

The early tiers also offer the opportunity to test out various tank types. New players should try out all five tank types to see which one fits their play style the most before committing to a particular tank line. This allows for more even progression towards a tank that the player actually wants.  Take advantage of the lower tiers to learn the basics of World of Tanks before moving up to the higher tiers in the tech tree.


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