Tank Gawd It's Friday - What Tank Type Suits Your Play Style?

Tell us which type of tank fits your play style the most in World of Tanks.

Greetings, tankers, and welcome to another Tank Gawd It’s Friday. For those of you that aren’t familiar with the series, Tank Gawd It’s Friday is a weekly bit we do where we ask the community to weigh in on a particular topic. We give our opinions as well, but that’s only to make sure we’re not publishing a blank article. The real point here is for us to start a conversation with the World of Tanks community. 

This week, like most weeks, we’ll be giving away an M4 Improved bundle to the person that we feel has the best answer in the comments section of the article. To know whether or not you’re eligible to win a prize, make sure you’ve read through the criteria below. 

  • This contest is only open to players in North America
  • The code will only work for PC players
  • Your comment must be on this article, not Facebook or elsewhere
  • We will notify the winner by replying to their comment 

Question: What tank type complements your play style in World of Tanks?

Sam Chandler:

Much like a few of us here, when I first started playing World of Tanks, I thought I would favor the Medium tank class. However, as I progressed, I realized it wasn’t the tank type for me. 

While I enjoyed the speed and armor, the power just wasn’t there and I wasn’t able to sustain the damage I was taking. After a while, I shifted to heavy tanks. Sure, they were enjoyable, but they were too sluggish. Then I tried light tanks and focused on scouting and getting into position quickly. 

But this too, didn’t feel right. I was far too vulnerable to attack. What I did enjoy was being on the sidelines, helping my teammates, and lining up shots (even when I was so bold as to fire while scouting – rookie error!). 

Then I ventured into the tank destroyers. I think this is the class that matches me best. While tank destroyers don’t offer a lot of armor, their sheer firepower is what attracts me. Being able to sit up on the edges and snipe another player for 80% of their health is exhilarating. 

With tank destroyers, I don’t have to worry about going hull down or figuring out how to side-scrape. I just need to take some time, be patient, and wait for the right moment to fire. Though I’m still learning the ropes (who isn’t still learning in some capacity?), I think that Tank Destroyers complement my play style in World of Tanks.

Bill Lavoy

When I first started playing World of Tanks I immediately headed for Medium Tanks. I felt that they would provide a nice balance that fits between Heavy Tanks and Light Tanks. However, I didn’t have a lot of success with Medium Tanks, and I don’t think I ever really enjoyed the game as much as I should have. Something just didn’t feel right, at least in the lower tiers. 

After speaking with the viewers in the Tank War Room live stream, I decided to try out the Tank Destroyers in the U.S. line. Since then, I’ve gone from the M8A1 to the T67 to the M18 Hellcat, and I like each one better than the last. Although, I’ve heard that Hellcat has seen a major nerf after being one of the most overpowered tanks in World of Tanks history

Tank Destroyers generally fit my play style because I’m not much of a brawler. I’d rather sit back and take advantage of the camouflage offered by a bush, supporting my teammates by landing long distance shots on our opponents. I really don’t like to take any damage at all, so the fact that most Tank Destroyers have poor armor really doesn’t bother me. I feel like if I’m being shot, I’ve already made a mistake. I’d rather work on never being hit at all. 

I should add that I also decided to play around in the Swedish line of Tank Destroyers, and that little experiment didn’t last long. I enjoy the mobility (not so much from the M18 Hellcat) that I get from the U.S. Tank Destroyers, and I’m digging the turret. I’ve set up my equipment to maximize my view range, spotting and camouflage when stationary, so being able to aim without moving my tank is essential. 

Ever since finding the U.S. Tank Destroyers, World of Tanks has gone to another level for me. I’m sure I’ll move around and try some different lines in the future, but for right now the line is a perfect complement to my play style.

Larryn Bell

When I first started playing World of Tanks, I found myself leaning toward tanks with decent mobility and quick reload times. I enjoy being able to zip past opponents or sneak away quickly when I’m taking damage. This is why I thought that Light and Medium tanks would best suit my preferences. However, I soon found out that I was going about things all wrong.

During our livestreams on Twitch, one of our viewers kept telling me that I should unlock a Heavy tank, because it would fit with my play style the most. I kept rushing toward enemies at the start of a match, anxious to do damage to anyone who crossed my path. This usually ended in my demise, as I didn’t have the armor to withstand the beating from enemies who were often in a Heavy tank two tiers higher than me.

I eventually decided to heed the advice from our Twitch viewers and unlocked the KV-1. Now it’s one of my favorite tanks to play. I needed something that had thick armor to protect me when I’d go head-to-head with an enemy, that also had a strong gun to pummel their tank in return. Heavy tanks certainly seem to jive with my play style the best. The only thing I miss is the speed I had with some of the Medium and Light tanks, but what I lack in movement speed, I now make up for in damage output.  

Alright, now we want to hear from you. In the comment section below, leave us a comment and let us know what tank type is the most compatible with your play style, and why. Give a solid answer, and we just might pick you to win an M4 Improved bundle in World of Tanks!

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