World of Tanks Update 9.17.1 Is Now Live

The latest update includes revamped Strongholds, improved mini-maps, and more.

At long last, Wargaming has deployed the massive 9.17.1 update for World of Tanks, an update which brings a plethora of changes and additions to the game.

Here’s a brief rundown of what update 9.17.1 contains:

  • A massive revision of the German tech tree.
  • Noticeable changes for the U.S. and Japanese tech trees as well.
  • A revamped Strongholds feature which makes the World of Tanks metagame more dynamic and accessible.
  • Extensive vehicle balance changes which affect tanks like the Centurion Mk. I, the FV4202, and more.
  • A more streamlined technical characteristics display.
  • A reworked vehicle comparison feature.
  • A new spawn algorithm which will put platoon mates closer together when they spawn.
  • Support for custom third-party sound files.
  • A more detailed log of damage received
  • Revamped mini-maps for several different in-game maps like Stalingrad, Overlord, and more.
  • Miscellaneous UI improvements.

For a more detailed look at what update 9.17.1 brings to the table, you can read the full patch notes on the World of Tanks website, or you can watch the overview video down below.

We’re hoping the update 9.17.1 helps pave the way for Wargaming to bring these six tanks back to the game!



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