Infinite Warfare Player Gets 3 Jumpshot Sniper Kills in 10 Seconds

If you think players get salty from regular sniper kills, wait until you see these dirty shots.

When it comes to first-person shooters, few topics get as heated as sniping and its place in each game. Whether you’re playing Call of Duty, Battlefield, or even something like Destiny, nothing brings the rage out quite like being shot from across the map by a player you probably couldn’t see.

This has caused many debates, with snipers claiming their craft is underpowered, while non-snipers scream that those quick-scoping fools need to learn how to play the game correctly. No matter your stance, feel free to continue that debate another time, because what’s not up for discussion is the skill it takes to pull off the nonsense this Infinite Warfare player did.

Not only did they take out three players with a sniper rifle in less than 10 seconds, they managed to do it while jumping up in the air, hitting each shot, then landing back down on the wall. In the clip below, you can check out the action for yourself as they earn a Jumpshot Medal after each successive kill (we even think they snuck in a First Blood as well).

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Source: Infinite Warfare Subreddit

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