7 Most Overpowered Tanks in the History of World of Tanks

These tanks used to be the most overpowered tanks in the history of World of Tanks.

World of Tanks is known for its tanks (ironically enough), and while Wargaming strives to make the game as balanced as possible, there have been a few instances where overpowered tanks stood apart from the rest. 

We reached out to the World of Tanks community and asked them what tanks from World of Tanks they remember, above all else, as overpowered pieces of armor. Below, we've compiled a list of the seven most overpowered tanks from World of Tanks history.

Waffenträger auf E 100

The Waffentrager auf E 100 is one of the most overpowered tanks in the history of World of Tanks, to the point where it had to be completely removed from the game.
The Waffentrager auf E 100 was one of the most overpowered tanks in the history of World of Tanks, leading to its eventual removal from the game.

We would be remiss if this list of most overpowered tanks in World of Tanks history didn’t start off with the dreaded Waffle. There’s a reason this nightmare tank is on our list of 6 tanks we want brought back in World of Tanks. The WT Auf E-100 was either a ruler of the match or the first to die. 

What made the Waffentrager German Tier 10 Tank Destroyer so OP is that it could dominate entire teams when used properly. That, and its 3360+ burst damage, which had the potential to destroy entire lanes. Any veteran World of Tanks player who experienced the game dynamics prior to the Waffentrager's eventual replacement by the Grille 15 could tell you some serious horror stories.

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