Infinite Warfare Player Earns De-Atomizer in 94 Seconds

A kill every 3.76 seconds is straight up bonkers.

The last time I really played Call of Duty online was Call of Duty: Ghosts. I remember having a game where I think I killed 21 enemies in a row. That was over the course of an entire round, and I was camping my ass off. I think there’s even a video of that somewhere. I was quite proud.

Today, I found myself in the mood to watch some crazy gameplay clips, so as one does when in that frame of mind, I paid a visit to Reddit. That’s where I found the clip below of Reddit user, beaniesmeagol, racking up 25 kills in about 94 seconds. This earned beaniesmeagol the De-Atomizer killstreak, which is impressive by itself.

Perhaps what’s more impressive, however, is the fact that beanie (can we call you beanie?) did this all in about 94 seconds. That works out to 1 kill every 3.76 seconds. Suddenly, I was less proud of my 21 kills in a single round several years ago.

If you’d like to watch more insane Call of Duty clips, be sure to watch a player shatter the world record for completing the F.N.G. obstacle course with a time of 8.85 seconds.


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