For Honor - How to Play the Peacekeeper Class

Everything you need to know about playing the Peacekeeper in For Honor.

This guide will tell you how to play the Peacekeeper in For Honor. The Peacekeeper is For Honor’s agile, dual-wielding class belonging to the Knights Faction. Overall, the Peacekeeper boasts a higher skill cap ideal for players looking to take the fight to their opponent. Read on to learn how to play the Peacekeeper in For Honor.

Blocking with Peacekeeper

The Peacekeeper playstyle is one of risk and reward. Unlike other classes in For Honor, such as the strong Warlord Viking who uses a shield, the Peacekeeper cannot block for an indefinite amount of time. In order to successfully block an attack using the Peacekeeper, you need to have quick reflexes, as the block only lasts a few seconds before needing to be pressed again.

Due to the Peacekeeper's limited blocking potential, they're able to perform a deflection followed by a Riposting Stab. This can be accomplished by dodging in the direction of an attack just before it hits. If successful, you will be able to continue with a Riposting Stab by pressing Light Attack. Landing this hit will activate the bleed effect, so following it up with another Light Attack is typically a good idea.

Attacking with Peacekeeper

Use the Peacekeeper's agility to quickly close the gap between you and the enemy, then follow up with her bleed-inducing attacks.
Use the Peacekeeper's agility to quickly close the gap between you and the enemy, then follow up with her bleed-inducing attacks.

The Peacekeeper is one of the fastest classes available in For Honor, and as such, is able to quickly land a myriad of attacks. Increasing her deadliness is the bleed effect, which can be applied across numerous different attack patterns.

If you see the enemy's health in red after attacking with the Peacekeeper, you've successfully applied the bleed effect. In this instance, run from them and let your opponent bleed out. Another character that uses a bleed effect is the Nobushi from the Samurai Faction, one of the best Factions in For Honor.

The Peacekeeper in For Honor is able to perform a Throw as well as a Stab attack immediately after a Guard Break. Immediately after a Guard Break, press Light Attack to Stab. If you press Light Attack as the Stab lands, you will perform a second Stab. This can be repeated up to three times.

Another sneaky attack tip when playing For Honor’s Peacekeeper is to utilize the Attack Cancel. When winding up the Heavy Attack, you can quickly press Light Attack to cancel the Heavy Attack animation. This will put the enemy off guard as they were anticipating the Heavy Attack. When selecting an attack direction, the Peacekeeper will return to a neutral stance after a short period of time. Use this to your advantage to keep your enemies guessing as to which direction you’ll be attacking.

Using the Peacekeeper in a 1v1

Peacekeeper in action in For Honor.
Peacekeeper in action in For Honor.

Whenever you find yourself in a 1v1 situation with the Peacekeeper, you should feel confident in your chances of success. Do not let your enemy gain any distance on you, as the Peacekeeper performs poorly at range. In the event your enemy does attack from range, be careful when using the Dashing Thrust to close the distance, as they will anticipate this high attack.

Take your time to get in range and punish them with a Guard Break followed by a Triple Stab. When facing a class like Shugoki from the Samurai Faction, be weary of their lightening fast Light Attacks, which can stunlock you into submission. 

In For Honor, the Peacekeeper is a unique class to use, offering high speed and agility at the cost of defense. When used properly, the Peacekeeper can deliver a surprising amount of attack damage, as well as crippling damage-over-time through her bleed effect. And while she mightn't be the best character in For Honor, she is still terrifying to fight against. If you read this guide, you should now know how to play the Peacekeeper in For Honor.

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