World of Tanks 9.17.1 Public Test is Now Live

The public test highlights several changes in store for World of Tanks.

The public test for World of Tanks’ upcoming 9.17.1 update is now live, and Wargaming has decided to share a comprehensive breakdown of all the tweaks, changes, and additions which are included in the test.

It’s important to note that since update 9.17.1 is still in its testing phase, any changes it makes aren’t final (though the fact that the update has progressed to its public testing phase means that it is shaping up to fit Wargaming’s expectations). The full patch notes for the 9.17.1 public test can be found here.

The notes are quite extensive, which is why we’re not posting them in their entirety. Instead, here are some highlights in case you don’t have time to peruse the full list:

  • Ranked battle stats are being moved from the game client to the Service Record tab.
  • The Vehicle Comparison feature is getting a major overhaul.
  • The Battle for Strongholds sub-mode is being renamed to Advances but it will still feature a series of tug-of-war battles to claim strongholds.
  • The mini maps for maps such as Overlord, Training Area, Stalingrad, and more are being revamped with new visuals.
  • A bunch of tanks are receiving visual tweaks, performance tweaks, and both in some cases.
  • The German tech tree is getting some major changes as well.

For a closer look at the 9.17.1 public test, be sure to watch the video down below.

Stay tuned, as we’ll be covering more parts of the 9.17.1 update in the near future.

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