Wargaming Answers Even More World of Warships Fan Questions

More burning fan questions receive answers.

Last month, Wargaming took the time to answer some fan-submitted questions and then share those answers with the public. Now, they’re back with a second round of answers to popular fan-submitted questions.

The full list of answered questions can be found here, and it includes answers to questions like whether we’ll ever again see the beloved event-specific outer space map, whether World of Warships will ever get ships from the region of Italy, and whether a full replay system is in the cards. There’s ten questions and answers in total, so make sure you check out the full list to see if any of them pertain to areas of the game which interest you.

Some of the answers provided relate to new World of Warships content which is coming in 2017.

While you wait for the New Year to arrive, make sure you check out the currently available Shipsmas Eve bonus missions before they’re gone for good.

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