Wargaming Employee Shares Real-Life Tank Photos Via Reddit

Gaze upon the real-life tanks which inspired Wargaming.

If you’ve ever wondered how some of your favorite World of Tanks vehicles look in real life, one Wargaming employee decided to snap a few photos and share them on Reddit.

The full photo gallery (which you can view here) consists of photos taken at the Kubinka Tank Museum in Kubinka, Russia. The photos were snapped by Wargaming employee MeatheadMilitia, who says he took them while he was in Russia for the recent Wargamingfest event:

“Some of you may have been wondering why I went MIA this past week, well… it's because I was in Moscow, Russia as well as Kubinka, Russia. I was out there for WG Fest and there was a day we headed to the Kubinka Tank Museum. Some of the photos are a bit close to the tanks mainly because some of those storage areas were pretty jam packed.

As it was -5 degrees fahrenheit that day, some of the photos didn't turn out so great due to shaking hands, haha.

Hope you enjoy!”

For more on the latest from the World of Tanks subreddit, be sure to read about how the Reddit community has reacted favorably to the game’s currently ongoing Holiday Ops event. 



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