Register Now for the WGLNA Silver League Qualifiers

Matches begin in early January.

Wargaming has officially opened up registration for next month’s WGLNA Silver League Qualifiers which give competing teams a chance to earn a spot in one of the biggest World of Tanks tournaments of the year.

According to the WGLNA Silver League Qualifiers tournament page, the qualifier matches will be held from January 9th to January 14th, and the teams who emerge victorious in the qualifiers will earn spots in the WGLNA Season 2 Silver League division. Teams of up to seven players (with three additional reserve players) are allowed, as are tanks up to tier 10. However, a few stipulations also apply according to Wargaming:

“Teams may be composed of any tanks available in the game regardless of the tech tree they are available in, with the exception of the special and unique tanks that were given as prizes in different campaigns, such as the VK 72.01 (K), the Object 907 or the M60, T22, T55A, Obj 260. If you have a question of a specific tank is allowed please contact the admin team before using it at   

The use of all in-game camo, consumables, equipment and any other in-game assets is allowed. The maximum tier for vehicles allowed in WGLNA Battles is tier 10. The total amount of vehicle tier points in one team must not exceed 68 points (for a team of seven players). All tanks in official play are equal in points to their tier with a maximum tier of ten i.e. an IS-7 is a tier 10 tank and is equal to ten points. Playing with less than five players in a battle will result in a forfeit of that battle.”  

Registration for the WGLNA Silver League Qualifiers ends on January 6th. If you want to register, you can do so here.

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