The Fury Makes a Return to the World of Tanks Premium Shop

Grab this legendary tier six tank while you can.

The American M4A3E8 Fury, the same tank that inspired the recent Brad Pitt film of the same name, has made a surprise return to the World of Tanks Premium Shop courtesy of Wargaming’s month-long advent calendar of discounts.

For today only, World of Tanks players can purchase the Fury, which functions as a suped up M4 Sherman, via the game’s Premium Shop for $29.99. Along with the Fury, today’s discounted deal also includes a bonus garage slot, a fully trained crew, and 2,500 gold to spend as you see fit.

The Fury is hands down one of the most powerful and popular tanks in all of World of Tanks, so make sure you don’t miss out on its surprise return to the Premium Shop! There’s no new holiday bonus code segments for today, but given how overwhelmingly popular the Fury tank is, most World of Tanks players aren’t likely to care.

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Update: Fury is now scheduled to stick around in the Premium Shop until about January 8th. You have plenty of time to snag it, or to get someone to send it to you as a last minute gift idea!



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