Reddit Seems Happy with the World of Tanks Holiday Ops Event

Turns out it’s not a huge time investment.

World of Tanks’ Holiday Ops event began early this morning, and if the first wave of Reddit reports are any indication, it looks like grinding through the event’s new in-game missions and tasks isn’t a very painful affair.

Redditor sojou recently made a query on the World of Tanks subreddit asking other players what their initial takes were. Sojou specifically wanted to get the new female crew members which can be acquired via select Holiday Ops missions. However, they were also worried that their only options would be excessive grinding or spending real money. Fortunately, other players were quick to comment that working through the event’s various missions and levels isn’t so bad as long as you have some decent tanks and a little bit of luck.

Some commenters reported being able to get as far as level nine (out of a total of ten levels) on the Holiday Ops Festive Atmosphere leveling track in a mere hour or two, though it’s important to remember that they were likely using decently equipped tanks and that an individual player’s mileage may vary. Still, it’s good to know that Wargaming isn’t forcing players to suffer through days and days of pointless grinding and that those with the requisite skills and tanks can work through the Holiday Ops event at a steady clip.  


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