Redditors Propose Changes for World of Tanks XP Boosts

More time equals less stress.

Currently, XP boosts in World of Tanks operate using a time-based format in which they’re active for a specific amount of time, even if the player who activated the boost isn’t playing for the entirety of the boost’s active period. A few members of the World of Tanks subreddit feel that this needs to change.

As Redditor Ventura recently brought to light on the World of Tanks subreddit, time-based XP boosts don’t really inspire them to keep playing so much as stress them out due to the constant obligations they feel, lest they “waste” a booster after activating it:

“I'm not sure if anyone else has issues with this, but I feel more pressure to sit at the computer to make the most out of the booster for hours at a time.

Would be much more enjoyable to have a 10 or 25-match boost in play and take my time with it. Timers always feel stressful to me.”

Ventura’s post didn’t catch a lot of attention in the subreddit, but those who commented in the post mostly agreed with their proposal for match-based boosts. One commenter even elaborated on Ventura’s worries, saying that waiting around for matches to finish can also waste booster time, as can having to abruptly leave the game due to a real-life emergency or prior commitment.

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