World of Tanks: Roll Out Issue Three Now Available

The epic visual narrative continues.

World of Tanks: Roll Out, the comic series which is being developed in partnership between Wargaming and Dark Horse Comics, has just launched its third full issue. The latest issue continues the grim, yet exciting story of conflict between British and German tank forces during World War II.

Here’s an official synopsis of issue three courtesy of Wargaming:

“Wargaming’s tale of tank combat after the invasion of Normandy continues in issue 3's “Kindergarten." The intrepid crew of British tankers gets a brief respite from the mayhem of battle to regroup and plan their next move. Their peace will be short-lived, as danger lurks around the corner. The German tankers trying to stop them also face new challenges as they clash with their superiors, especially after a horrific discovery that further stokes the fires of conflict.”

As an added bonus, all those who purchase a physical copy of the third issue for World of Tanks: Roll Out will also receive a download code for the console versions of World of Tanks which grants access to the exclusive “Open Fire” bundle. The bundle includes a T1E6 Premium tank, a package of consumables, bonus garage slots, and a Premium Account time voucher. The third issue of World of Tanks: Roll Out can be found at participating comic book retailers and at Dark Horse’s website.

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