World of Tanks Advent Calendar Reveals Third Bonus Code Segment

Three down, five to go.

As part of its month-long Christmas festivities, Wargaming is offering a special holiday gift to those who gather all eight pieces of a holiday bonus code that is slowly being teased out through the World of Tanks advent calendar. Now, the third code segment has been revealed along with a new one-day bundle.

If you’re interested, today’s advent calendar bundle allows buyers to get the Russian KV-220 tier V premium tank, a bonus garage slot, and 4,700 gold for $29.99.

Today’s entry also includes the third segment of the holiday bonus code which can be found by “scratching off” (i.e. mousing over it while your mouse button is clicked) the small yellow spot found on the day seven entry of the advent calendar.

If you missed out on the first two code segments, don’t worry, you can just go back and unveil them even though their respective holiday bundles are now expired. The first code segment can be found on the advent calendar’s day one entry while the second segment can be found on the day four entry.

There will be eight code segments in total and it’s likely that Wargaming will wait until close to the end of the advent calendar period (December 1-24) to reveal them all so be sure to keep coming back to check each day.

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