World of Tanks Advent Calendar Offers a Deal on Premium Membership

Get a year of Premium account time at 15 percent off.

For its sixth day of month-long festivities, Wargaming is offering a 24-hour price reduction for a yearlong World of Tanks Premium membership.

The special offer, which can be found here, knocks 15 percent off a 1-year Premium membership, reducing its price from the usual $96.49 to $81.99. If you’re not sure what exactly a Premium membership offers, it essentially ups the amount of Combat XP, Crew XP, and credits you earn per battle by 50 percent, making the process of leveling up new tanks and crews and acquiring credits a much quicker one.

The discounted 1-year Premium membership is only available today, December 6th. It will be replaced by a new advent calendar offer tomorrow, so act fast if you want to lock in your Premium membership for all of 2017. Also, be sure to head on over to the official World of Tanks advent calendar page and scroll back to the day four offer.

The bundle itself may be expired but you can still scratch away the small yellow spot to reveal the second segment of the eight-segment holiday download code which Wargaming is slowly unveiling throughout the month of December.

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