Watch as a Russian Tank Destroyer is Constructed Entirely Out of Snow

Mother Nature meets modern ingenuity.

When a particularly heavy snowfall comes down in their backyard, most people probably settle for a good old fashioned snowball fight, some snow angels, and maybe even a snowman or two.

However, one group of dedicated World of Tanks fans decided to use an abundance of fresh snow as an opportunity to do something really cool—create an entire life-sized tank using nothing but the snow around them.

As you can see in this gif which was originally shared via Reddit, a group of intrepid artists came together and, over the course of what I imagine was an entire day or possibly several, created an entire life-sized tank out of snow.

Of course, it wasn’t enough to simply create the highly-detailed outline of the tank, they went one step further and coated it in green paint, giving it a real authentic-looking appearance which might have even fooled a few passerby.

According to the comments in the Reddit thread, the tank appears to be a Russian SU-122-54 tank destroyer as it appears in World of Tanks, but no matter its specific make, it’s a pretty impressive rendering, especially since it was constructed using nothing other than hard-packed snow.

For more on the latest from the World of Tanks subreddit, be sure to read our previous coverage of the recent Reddit debate over the cancelled Overmatch changes.



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