World of Warships Armada Bundle Now Available

Get almost every premium ship in one go.

If you’ve got some cash to burn and you want to make one heck of an investment in World of Warships, Wargaming is offering a pricey limited-time bundle which includes pretty much every premium ship which is currently available in the game.

The appropriately named “Armada Bundle” includes a whopping 37 premium ships for World of Warships along with 37 bonus port slots so you don’t have to worry about finding room for all of the new additions to your fleet.

The Armada Bundle can only be purchased once per account and costs $396.99. That price is certainly high, but amounts to approximately half what it would cost to purchase all of the included ships individually.

So which ships are included in the Armada Bundle? We’ve included a handy list below. If you want to purchase the bundle, be sure to act fast as it’s only available until tomorrow, November 29th.

Tier II Ships

  • Tachibana destroyer
  • Smith destroyer
  • Mikasa battleship
  • Emden cruiser
  • Diana cruiser
  • Aurora cruiser
  • Katori cruiser
  • Albany cruiser

Tier III Ships

  • Campbelltown destroyer
  • Konig Albert battleship

Tier IV Ships

  • Ishizuchi battleship
  • Yubari cruiser

Tier V Ships

  • Fujin destroyer
  • Kamikaze destroyer
  • Texas battleship
  • Murmansk cruiser
  • Krasnyi Krym cruiser
  • Marblehead cruiser

Tier VI Ships

  • Anshan destroyer
  • Dunkerque battleship
  • Arizona battleship
  • Warspite battleship
  • Perth cruiser
  • Molotov cruiser

Tier VII Ships

  • Saipan carrier
  • Sims destroyer
  • Leningrad destroyer
  • Błyskawica destroyer
  • Scharnhorst battleship
  • Indianapolis cruiser
  • Belfast cruiser
  • Atlanta cruiser

Tier VIII Ships

  • Lo Yang destroyer
  • Tirpitz battleship
  • Atago cruiser
  • Mikhail Kutuzov cruiser
  • Prinz Eugen cruiser

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