Tip of the Tank - SU-76M

Quick tips for using the SU-76M tank destroyer in World of Tanks.

If you’re looking for a good sniper early on in your World of Tanks career, consider heading down the Soviet tech line to unlock the SU-76M. This Tank Destroyer has great long range capabilities, perfect for low-tier sniping practice.

What is Tip of the Tank?

Tip of the Tank is where we discuss the attributes of a specific tank and offer tips for using that tank on the battlefield. If you have additional advice for researching and using the specified tank in this article, we encourage you to join in on the discussion by leaving a comment below.


The SU-76M is a Soviet Tier 3 Tank Destroyer, and it’s one of the best low-tier snipers. It has great camouflage values, a decent view range, and high penetration to weaken opponents at long distances.

SU-76M Playstyle

The fact that the SU-76M is a Tank Destroyer should already be an indicator of how to use this tank. The good penetration and high damage that TDs often have allow these tanks to provide proficient sniper support for their team. The SU-76M has impressive camouflage values, so as long as you fire from a covered position, you shouldn’t have to worry much about enemies spotting you unless they are in close proximity.

Head towards high ground that has foliage or other objects you can take cover behind and take down any enemy snipers you may spot in the distance. While the SU-76M is a formidable force at long range, keep in mind that this tank has very thin armor that cannot withstand the brunt of enemy fire.

Its sloped hull affords this tank the opportunity to bounce incoming shots, but it’s not a reliable means of protection. The open top on the SU-76M also makes this tank particularly vulnerable to artillery strikes, so try to remain camouflaged to avoid being targeted by enemy SPGs.


In general, Tank Destroyers are not the best choice for scouting. While the SU-76M has a decent view range, its front-mounted engine, thin armor, and slow aim time leave this tank very vulnerable in close-ranged scenarios. This tank has a difficult time defending itself against a fast-moving opponent, especially in close proximity. While using the SU-76M, it’s best to hang back and carefully line up each powerful shot while you let allied Light Tanks take care of the scouting duties.


The SU-76M performs best at long distances, so look for locations that offer long lines of sight and adequate cover. Keep an eye on the minimap and carefully move between cover when necessary. Avoid getting too close to enemies, and perhaps maintain a safe distance from your teammates as well. The last thing you want is another nearby teammate shooting and revealing your position to the enemy artillery.


The capabilities of the SU-76M truly become evident once the vehicle is fully upgraded. Start by researching its suspension so that you can mount the Binocular Telescope for better view range, as well as the Camo Net for better stealth. Upgrade to the M-80 engine next to improve your acceleration. When you can afford it, purchase the 57mm ZiS-2 gun to increase your overall damage output.


  • Excellent camouflage
  • Good penetration
  • Decent hull traverse speed
  • High DPM with upgraded gun


  • Thin armor, though sloped
  • Poor stock weapon
  • Poor gun depression
  • Engine mounted on the front

Final Thoughts

The SU-76M is a great first sniper to begin with at the low tiers, but only if you are willing to take the time to research the best equipment for it. If sniping suits your playstyle or you simply enjoy the Tank Destroyer class, it may be worth the effort to fully upgrade the SU-76M to effectively unlock its true potential.


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