5 Tips to Improve at Light Tanks

Get better at Light Tanks uses these five tips!

The Light Tank in World of Tanks is one of the fastest armored vehicles available, but it’s also one that can be difficult to master for new players, given its surprising lack of armor. However, what the Light Tank is good at doing is scouting and repositioning, a gameplay style that should be practiced by all Light Tank players. Below are five ways you can improve at playing World of Tanks' greatest scout, the Light Tank.

Spend Time Scouting

Take the time to explore maps and see where you can spot enemies from
Take the time to explore maps and see where you can spot enemies from

One of the most important things a Light Tank can do is scout for the team. Light tanks are incredibly important when it comes to scouting, as they often boast high view ranges and high speeds. These two stats mean they are able to get into position quicker and see further than other vehicles.

Start to use your Light Tank’s mobility to quickly get into a position on the outskirts of the battle so that you can spot for your team. As a Light Tank, you shouldn’t be in the thick of the battle, trading blows with other tanks. Instead, find a bush or the side of a building to hide behind while still providing vision and cover for your allies. By focusing on scouting, you’ll find that your team will be more aware of their surroundings, leading to more victories.

Purchase Equipment

It might be expensive, but Equipment will help you improve your Light Tank
It might be expensive, but Equipment will help you improve your Light Tank

This tip for improving your Light Tank skills is an extremely expensive one. Purchasing Equipment is no small feat, and should only be done when you are certain you plan to spend a considerable amount of time in said tank. Equipment can cost anywhere between 50,000 and 500,000 Silver.

However, despite the price, purchasing certain Equipment will help your Light Tank experience. Pieces such as the Camouflage Net and Binocular Telescope will help you fulfill the role that the Light Tank was supposed to fill, that of a scout. The Camouflage Net will help you remain undetected when stationary, while the Binocular Telescope will increase your View Range.

When used together, these two pieces of Equipment will improve your survivability by helping you remain undetected while also benefiting your teammates who require extra vision of enemy positions.

Utilize Bushes

Use the bushes and shrubs to exploit the Light Tanks good spotting stats
Use the bushes and shrubs to exploit the Light Tank's good spotting stats

As mentioned above, part of being a great Light Tank is being able to scout, and one of the best places to scout from is within the foliage of a bush or shrub. When a round begins, seize the rush and focus on getting to an ideal position on the map. It’s a good idea to look through some of our map guides to help you pick out the strong points you should focus on when a battle begins.

Something as small as sitting in a bush spotting enemies can create a huge advantage for your team. In a World of Tanks match, staying alive and helping your team is more important than rushing in to get a couple of kills, just to end up dying.

Remain Behind Allies

When in a Light Tank, follow your allies into battle to avoid an early death
When in a Light Tank, follow your allies into battle to avoid an early death

In order to improve your skills at using Light Tanks, one tip to consider is to use your allies as a shield. Now, on the surface this may sound like a selfish idea, but first consider the allies around you: are they Medium Tanks and Heavy Tanks? A tank that is heavier than a Light Tank is able to sustain significantly more damage before being destroyed, whereas the Light Tank is fragile and susceptible to destruction.

Remaining behind and following after your allies doesn’t necessarily mean pushing them from behind. It simply means waiting for them to make the move to cross an open space or press forward into no-man’s-land. The strength of the Light Tank comes in its ability to reposition when in danger and to act as a scout, not from leading a charge onto an enemy position.

Being the first tank out the gate and into the enemy frontline will hinder your team’s progress toward a victory state. Instead, hold back and let the tougher tanks take the lead.

Stick in Range of SPGs

While you shouldn't get too close and personal to SPGs, as a Light Tank it is worth staying within their radio range so as to help spot enemies for them!
While you shouldn't get too up close and personal to SPGs, as a Light Tank it is worth staying within their radio range to help spot enemies for them!

If you’re new to World of Tanks, a tip you might not have considered while playing a Light Tank is to stay in range of SPGs. More commonly known as Artillery or Artys, the SPG is a tank that shoots in a different manner to all other tank types. Instead of shooting in a straight line, it fires a shell up into the air like a mortar. The problem is, it must first know where enemies are in order to accurately choose where to fire.

SPGs are not known for their spotting capabilities. They must instead rely on teammates to do this for them. Take advantage of this by using the Light Tank’s excellent spotting stats to help out the SPGs on your team. By focusing on spotting for SPGs, you’ll be able to not only act as a sort of defense, but also help your overall post-game earnings.

Light Tanks are the first tank type a new player will use in World of Tanks, and as such, one of the most played. However, it can be difficult to improve at playing the Light Tank as it is poorly armored compared to other tank types. As a new player using a Light Tank, focus heavily on the scouting potential of your tank by sticking to bushes, staying behind heavier tanks, and purchasing the right Equipment. If you follow the above tips, you’ll find that your skills in using a Light Tank will continue to improve!

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