World of Tanks Top Tankers Event Begins Soon

See how you stack up against the best of the best.

Wargaming is readying a new event for World of Tanks which will give all players a chance to show just how good they are with their favorite tanks and earn rewards while doing so.

The “Top Tankers” event will begin on Thursday, October 27th (tomorrow) and run for an entire month before on ending Monday, November 28th. While the Top Tankers event is active, players simply need to play five Random Battle matches in a row with any tier VI-X vehicle (with the exception of SPG’s and certain rare tanks) to be placed on the global Top Tankers leaderboard for that vehicle.

If you’re not happy with your five-battle leaderboard score you can keep playing to shoot for a higher score, or you can play using another vehicle to be placed on its leaderboard as well. There’s no limit to how many battles a player can participate in to rank on the Top Tankers leaderboards nor is there a limit on how many different Top Tanker leaderboards a player can be on (there will be a separate leaderboard for each eligible vehicle).

Rewards will be doled out to players who make it into the top 1,000, top 100, and top three spots for each leaderboard. The prizes players can earn include new medals, combat reserves, premium vehicles, and (for those who manage to secure the number one spot on any tier X tank leaderboard) the coveted Type 59 premium tank.

More information can be found both in the announcement trailer above, and via this new post on the World of Tanks website.


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