World of Tanks Offers New Tank Rewards for September

Earn rewards in World of Tanks all through September.

Those who missed out on the World of Tanks Summer Play rewards during July will have another opportunity to win some awesome prizes all throughout the month of September. The rewards consist of various Premium tanks, consumable items, Garage slots, and Personal Reserves. 

To earn rewards in World of Tanks, players must accumulate points for completing a certain objective throughout the month of September. Players earn points by placing among the top three XP earners on their team at the end of each match, for a maximum of three points per day. This applies to tank tier groups IV-VI, VII-VIII, and IX-X. 

The prizes are categorized into four separate levels, and each level requires a certain amount of points to unlock. Players must accumulate more points to unlock higher level prizes. The Supply Crate in the first level reward will contain one of the following: a random Premium consumable, Personal Reserves, a Premium vehicle, or additional Garage slots. The reward levels are as follows: 

Level 1 (10 points) - A random prize from the Supply Crate

Level 2 (25 points) - Player’s choice of Premium consumable:

  • Large First Aid Kits (x5)
  • Large Repair Kits (x5)
  • Automatic Fire Extinguishers (x5)

Level 3 (45 Points) - Player’s choice of bundled Personal Reserves + food consumable:

  • 2hr 25% Credits Booster (x3) + Chocolate (x10)
  • 2hr 25% Credits Booster (x3) + Cola (x10)
  • 2hr 25% Credits Booster (x3) + Combat Rations (x10)

Level 4 (60 Points) - Player’s choice of one of the following:

  • TOG II
  • AC 4 Experimental
  • Heavy Tank No. VI
  • 14 days of Premium and five Garage slots

The September Summer Play event takes place all month long, from September 1-30. Players can monitor their reward progress by logging onto using their World of Tanks ID. What are you waiting for? Roll into battle and start accumulating those points!


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