How much should you sell Desert dungeon items for in Moonlighter?

Find the best price to sell at for every item in Moonlighter's Desert dungeon.

Moonlighter’s two jobs of shopkeeper and dungeon crawler work wonderfully in tandem, but after a heated session trawling the dungeon for valuable goods you’ll often just want to sell your wares without hassle. While the shopkeeping side of the game is certainly fun, it’s also time consuming and can cost you a great deal of profit when you slip up.

Price your goods too low and shoppers will snap up the bargain, losing you a healthy chunk of cash. Too high and they’ll be unable to afford it. The tricky part comes when finding the highest price you can sell at while still keeping customers happy. Oversell an item by juuust too much and shoppers will be unhappy, losing interest in that particular good.

To help you out we’ve figured out the best prices to sell every item at for the game’s four main dungeons. In this article we’re covering the Desert dungeon — that’s the third one you’ll get access to following the Golem and Forest dungeons.

(Looking for the Golem dungeon items? Here’s how much you should sell them for. Forest dungeon where you’re at? Here’s our price guide for that one!)

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© Digital Sun

How much to sell Desert dungeon items for

In the spreadsheet below we’ve got the ideal prices for every item in the Desert dungeon. You may be able to refine these prices to a small degree, but don’t worry too much about reaching the closest price to a single gold coin. The time you’ll waste doing this simply isn’t worth the return you get for selling goods faster and getting back out there to collect more.

Item name

Best price

Naja Jottings


Desert History III


Desert History I


Desert History II


High Levitation Core


Thermo Magnetic Engine


Desert Steel Ingot


Magnetic Tool


Soldering Iron


Inflammable Liquid


Resistant Glass


Fluid Conduct


Cloth Dye


Desert Stone


Chilled Lava


Desert Steel Sheet


Insulating Dust


Fire Gem


Fireproof Cloth




Diamagnetic Sand


Desert Rope


Flammable Dust


Magnetic Core


Volcanic Stone


Fire Jelly


With our guide you won’t need to risk a loss of profits when selling items, and should be making stacks of cash in no time. Feel free to tweak the prices slightly to further improve your income, especially for some of the rarer goods — we’ll be updating our own list as we play more. Remember that any items you place under fancy glass cabinets can be sold for much more than their standard price, provided you’ve got generous customers arriving.

Speaking of who’s in your shop, thieves can be a real pain your mercantile rear. Stop them from hurting your valuable business by reading our guide on how to stop thieves in Moonlighter.

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