Minecraft's Aquatic update will be the last for 'legacy consoles'

Xbox 360, PS3, Vita and Wii U support comes to an end.

It's a good news-bad news situation for anyone still playing Minecraft on last gen consoles. These editions will be getting the new Aquatic update, which expands the game's underwater flora and fauna, but it will be the last update to be released on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and Wii U as Microsoft nudges players over to the core Bedrock edition of the best-selling title.

"This will mark the last big effort to keep those editions up to date with our newer versions of the game," reads the official blog post announcing the decision. "Although we’d love to keep bringing new content to all our players forever, the older generation of consoles now make up less than 5% of our active players, so we’ve made the difficult decision to focus our efforts to support players where they play Minecraft the most and where we plan to add new features."

Those playing on Xbox One and Switch will need to swap over to the Bedrock version of the game to experience the Aquatic update, which is included in the Bedrock version of the game. If you own an older version, it's free to update to Bedrock. The PlayStation 4 version doesn't use the new Bedrock engine, but will get the Aquatic update anyway. It does seem that Minecraft, owned by Microsoft don't forget, is using the change to Bedrock as a way of driving players to its preferred Xbox One and PC versions of the game, however.

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