Far Cry 5 guide: all Vinyl Crate locations

It's the vinyl countdown.

As well as tackling a murderous cult, Far Cry 5 also sends you all over Hope County on the trail of many hidden pop culture collectables. We’ve shown you where to find comic books, bobbleheads and cigarette lighters, and now we’re hunting for vinyl records.

These milk crates full of tunes belong to Wheaty, who you can find at the Wolf’s Den location in Whitetail Mountains. Thankfully, all 10 of his stolen crates are in the same region, so you won’t have to do as much travelling to mark this quest complete.

As with the other collectables, you don’t need to trigger the quest before finding them, and in this case you’ll need to progress through a few missions before you can speak to Wheaty and find out about his lost music. Once you’re ready, here’s where to look…


Vinyl Crate #1

 Location: Dansky Cabin

The Vinyl Crate is on the front porch of the cabin. While you’re here you can also tick off the Gone Squatchin’ prepper stash. Handy! 


Vinyl Crate #2

Location: South Park Entrance, near Widow’s Creek 

This Vinyl Crate is inside one of the buildings, on the floor.


Vinyl Crate #3

Location: Fort Drubman and Wishbone Lake

This Vinyl Crate can be found on a desk in one of the buildings on the approach to Fort Drubman. Unlike most other collectables, this building isn’t a specific marked location so don’t miss it!


Vinyl Crate #4

Location: Hunter’s Pass Shelter

Look for this Vinyl Crate in the main building, on a table with a shotgun.


Vinyl Crate #5

Location: MCA Mobile Lab

This Vinyl Crate is out in the open, close to Baron Lumber Mill. There’s a tent close by with useful stuff in it as well.

Vinyl Crate #6

Location: Breakthrough Camp 

While you’re in the vicinity of Baron Lumber Mill, you can also pick up this crate. It’s inside one of the camp buildings, on a shelf.

Vinyl Crate #7

Location: North Park Entrance

This one is close to the F.A.N.G. Center. It’s inside one of the small buildings, on a shelf.


Vinyl Crate #8

Location: The Grill Steak

Another crate left out in the open. Look for the tent next to a concrete floor, and the crate is next to it.


Vinyl Crate #9

Location: Osprey Cabin

This crate is on the coffee table in the main room of this cabin. It’s close to the Cliffhanger prepper stash, if you want to polish that off as well.


Vinyl Crate #10

Location: Red Tail Cabin

The final crate is on the counter of the cabin kitchen.


Once you have all 10 crates, return to Wheaty and turn in the quest. Your reward for completing this task is a whole new radio station to listen to while driving around Hope County. Enjoy!

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