Destiny 2 - The Farm Sentry 4 Required Secret

Solve the Sentry 4 Secret on the Farm, near the fireplace.

You’ve just made it to The Farm and after spending some time running around exploring, you’ve discovered a little secret over by the fireplace. Destiny 2 is full of these moments, special events and hidden Easter eggs that make the game a bit more fun. The Sentry 4 Required secret is easy to find and offers a little break from the gunplay.

Sentry Rank 4 Required on The Farm

The Sentry Rank 4 Required secret is a time trial that allows players to race around The Farm in order to earn the fastest time. To find this this, you will need to head toward the lake – to the left of spawn – and look for the fireplace. When standing near the fireplace, you will be prompted to interact with the fire, but only if you have Sentry 4.

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In order to unlock Sentry 4, you must complete a set of tasks around The Farm. The first goal you can finish is to make it to the top of the building where you find Hawthorne. To reach the top of the building, start at the small buildings near the lake, specifically near the fireplace. Make your way on to the top of this building and use the cables to reach the roof. Standing on the roof will give you a buff called Sentry 2 and Vertigo Completed.

The Sentry 4 secret will take you all over The Farm.
The Sentry 4 secret will take you all over The Farm.

Next you will want to go to the water mill near the soccer field. Use the surrounding area to gain access to the top of the mill, then jump onto the water wheel and walk along it, making sure not to fall off. Walking on the wheel will give you Sentry 4, at which point you can return to the fireplace.

Once at the fireplace, activate the fire and get ready to complete the time trial. As soon as the time trial begins, a beam of light will appear. You will need to pass through 9 beams of light to finish the course.

The course will take you all around The Farm, on top of the buildings and down to the ground. Be careful, because of your increased speed and jump height, it is possible to die from hitting the ground too hard. In the event you die, you will need to do the above steps again. The beams of light will take you on a set path each time: near the fireplace, onto the nearby building’s roof, to the mill, onto the bridge, near Hawthorne, near spawn, and then down to the pier.

After finishing the time trial, you will receive your score as well as something called the Scouting Commander buff, which will help other players finish the “Requires Sentry 4” secret on The Farm.

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