Planetoid Pioneers Launches Out of Early Access in February

Cortex Command will also be up for grabs for free on Steam.

Data Realms’ sci-fi, physics-driven platformer Planetoid Pioneers is set to launch on PC on February 8, 2018. This throwback action adventure is the second game developed by Data Realms following their previous platformer, Cortex Command. 

Planetoid Pioneers is a Metroidvania-like platformer that was inspired by the likes of classic games such as Blaster Master, Metroid, and Exile. In this physics-based adventure, players traverse circular planets as a geriatric astronaut, exploring uncharted territories in space and outwitting enemies that stand in your way.

Planetoid features an in-depth crafting mechanic that involves collecting resources from fallen creatures and robots to create fun new weapons. The game also supports local co-op and PvP for players who wish to explore planetoids with a friend. 

Planetoid Pioneers also features a ton of user-generated content made by players who own the special Contributor Edition, which gives users access to the game development tools and interface of the Crush2D engine. 

The Game-Only Edition of Planetoid Pioneers is available on Steam for $9.99. Those who want to try their hand at creating user-generated content in Planetoid Pioneers can upgrade to the Contributor Edition, which costs $29.99. 

Planetoid Pioneers will release out of Steam Early Access on February 8. Additionally, Data Realms’ first game, Cortex Command, will be available for free on Steam from February 3-4.


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