Nintendo's Animal Crossing Mobile Game Is Getting Its Own Direct Conference

The upcoming Nintendo Direct event will focus specifically on the mobile title.

It has been several months since Nintendo last spoke about its previously confirmed Animal Crossing mobile title, and now the company is finally ready to fully unveil the new game courtesy of an upcoming Nintendo Direct conference which will be specifically focused on the new Animal Crossing entry.

According to Nintendo, the Animal Crossing mobile Nintendo Direct will officially begin at 12 p.m. Japan time on October 25, so be ready to stay up a little late tonight if you’re on the East Coast since that converts over to 11 p.m. EST on October 24 (8 p.m. PST). The Nintendo Direct will reportedly last for a total of 15 minutes and fans are expecting a release date will be confirmed for the Animal Crossing mobile game along with other details such as how it will play.

Sadly, Nintendo also confirmed it will not be sharing any news about other Animal Crossing games, so don’t expect the announcement of a new 3DS or Switch entry in the franchise. The Animal Crossing mobile game was first announced way back in early 2016, and it was originally supposed to be one of the very first mobile titles Nintendo released. However, the widespread success of the mobile title Super Mario Run led Nintendo to change up its release plans, delaying the Animal Crossing mobile game several times in the process.

The Animal Crossing mobile Nintendo Direct will naturally be streamed worldwide so you can watch it live no matter where you live, you just might have to stay up a little past your usual bedtime depending on which part of the world you reside in.

The last mobile release Nintendo launched was Fire Emblem Heroes back in February of this year. Nintendo has reiterated several times that it wants to focus on crafting original mobile titles instead of simply porting over previously released games, so if anything, you can expect the Animal Crossing mobile game to be an entirely original experience tailored for mobile platforms.  



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