Slime Rancher: How to Get the Slime Science Lab and Craft Gadgets

Learn how to fabricate gadgets using the Slime Science lab in Slime Rancher.

As you continue to grow your Ranch in Slime Rancher, you’ll eventually want to expand the Ranch by purchasing the Lab expansion upgrade. The Lab grants players access to the Slime Science Workshop, which allows for the fabrication of various gadgets and technologies to help you farm those gooey Slimes. 

In this guide, we explain how to get the Lab in Slime Rancher so that you can start dabbling in Slime Science and creating gadgets of your own. 

The Lab Expansion

In Slime Rancher, the Lab is a Ranch expansion that contains a barn where players can perform Slime Science experiments. Slime Science requires a lot of Newbucks and resources, so you should wait until you’ve got a thriving Ranch before attempting to unlock the Lab expansion. 

The Lab area consists of an old barn surrounded by various metal parts and scraps. The Slime Science Workshop is housed inside the barn, and this is where your gadgets and gizmos are made once you have access. 

The Lab path will be blocked by a force field until you purchase the Lab Expansion for your Ranch.

To find the Lab, follow the stone path between two farm plots near your house. Head through the canyon adjacent to the Ranch, and look for a computer terminal. Next to it will be a path leading to the Lab, blocked by a force field. To unlock access to the Lab, you’ll have to spend 10,000 Newbucks to get the Ranch Expansion, which can be purchased at the terminal. 

Slime Science - Crafting Gadgets

Outside the Lab barn, you can create various plots such as corrals, gardens, and coops, just like the ones on your main Ranch. Inside the barn, there are three primary machines used for Slime Science: the Refinery, the Builder's Shop, and the Fabricator. Players must utilize all three of these machines to start creating Slime Science gadgets for their Ranch.

The Refinery

The Refinery is where you store resources to be used for gadget crafting later.

When you enter the barn, you’ll see a large machine called the Refinery. This is a storage unit that holds the resources used for fabrication in Slime Rancher. Players must deposit resources into the Refinery in order to use them for gadget crafting. Note that resources deposited into the Refinery cannot be taken out again, so make sure you deposit only the resources you need for fabrication.

The Builder’s Shop

Purchase Blueprints in the Slime Science Builder's Shop in Slime Rancher.

In order to craft gadgets in the Fabricator, you’ll need to acquire some Blueprints. Blueprints can be purchased at the Builder’s Shop, located at the terminal just to the left of the barn entrance. Most gadgets tend to be useful things that can help you collect resources or manage your Ranch more efficiently. However, gadgets like the Slimeball Hoop are more recreational items that are meant to make Ranch life a bit more fun.

The Fabricator

The Fabricator is where you craft new gadgets for your Ranch, provided you have the Blueprint and resources.

The Fabricator is perhaps the most important machine in the Slime Science Workshop, as this is what brings your creations to life. Once you have stored enough resources in the Refinery and have acquired a Blueprint, head over to the Fabricator to the right of the Refinery.

Here you can craft drills, teleporters, and any other gadgets that you have the Blueprint and resources for. Use the tabs at the top of the Fabricator menu to select which Blueprint you want to craft, then press Fabricate.

How to Place Gadgets

Once you have created a gadget, the next step is to place it somewhere on your Ranch. Head back to your Ranch area and press “T” on your keyboard or left trigger on your controller to bring up the Place Site interface. This will reveal several build site locations on your Ranch where you can place down your gadgets.

To place a gadget, interact with a build site and press Install on the gadget menu. Keep in mind that gadgets are permanent once they are installed, and can only be removed by being demolished. 

By following this guide, you should now know how to unlock the Lab, access the Slime Science Workshop, and craft gadgets in Slime Rancher. 

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