How to Farm Geo in Hollow Knight

Here's how you can farm high amounts of Geo early on in Hollow Knight. 

As you work your way through Hollow Knight, you may find yourself wondering how to farm Geo. In Hollow Knight, Geo is the central currency you earn. Not only is Geo used to upgrade your items and weapons, it is also needed to bypass certain checkpoints like Tram toll gates and Stag Stations. Because of this, having a decent supply on hand is always a good idea.

In this guide, we’ll help teach you how to farm Geo early on in your Hollow Knight playthrough.

Hollow Knight - Farm Geo in the Greenpath Gauntlet

One of the best places to farm for Geo in Hollow Knight is the Greenpath area.

One of the best ways to farm Geo early on in Hollow Knight is by heading towards the Greenpath area. To get to this farming location, you’ll want to start at the Stagway station. Before you head out, make sure your Soul is full prior to exiting the station. Upon exiting, you should see several easy-to-dispatch enemies in the next area.

With the enemies taken care of, move up and proceed to the next area above to find two Moss Knight enemies. You’ll notice that one Moss Knight is asleep, so move in and wake him up before positioning both knights so that they’re on the same side of the screen as you. With both knights in position, simply cast your Vengeful Spirit spell three times.

This will allow you to easily dispatch both knights with a single hit. Once both knights are dead, head back to the Stagway station and rest at the bench to make all of the enemies respawn and repeat the process in order to continue farming Geo in Hollow Knight.

Hollow Knight - Use the Fragile Greed Charm to Farm More Geo

You'll want to use the Fragile Greed Charm to increase the amount of Geo you farm in Hollow Knight.

If you want to really maximize the amount of Geo you farm in Hollow Knight, be sure to head over to the Fungal Wastes shop and purchase the Fragile Greed Charm. This charm will boost the amount of Geo each enemy drops, making it so that the Moss Knights from the Greenpath run drop 102 Geo each.

Because of this, you’re guaranteed to accrue at least 204 Geo per run (more if you also take out the first area’s enemies). You can also purchase the Gathering Swarm Charm from the shopkeep in Dirthmouth (though you have to rescue him from the Forgotten Crossroads first).

With Gathering Swarm equipped, any Geo dropped by slain enemies will automatically come to you without you having to walk over it first.

With the above strategy and equippable charms, it shouldn’t take you long to farm whatever Geo you need to upgrade your favorite items and unlock new areas of Hollow Knight.

By reading through this guide, you should now know how to farm Geo in Hollow Knight.



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