Where to Find Grant Lockwood in Prey

A guide on finding Grant Lockwood and completing the optional mission Disgruntled Employee in Prey.

In Prey, there’s an optional side mission titled “Disgruntled Employee” that requires you to find a staff member by the name of Grant Lockwood. While most of the steps needed to complete the Disgruntled Employee side mission are relatively simple, the hardest aspect is actually finding Grant Lockwood himself.

So, if you’ve searched high and low and still can’t seem to track him down, we’ve put together a quick guide on where you can find Grant Lockwood in Prey.

Prey - Where is Grant Lockwood?

You'll need to locate Grant Lockwood to complete the Disgruntled Employee side mission in Prey.

It can be frustrating to complete most of the steps in the Disgruntled Employee side mission only to find yourself scouring Talos I for the elusive Grant Lockwood in Prey. Fortunately, we can help point you in the right direction and help you finally complete the Disgruntled Employee side mission. So, where is Grant Lockwood in Prey?

First, you’ll need to head to Deep Storage, then make your way to the Command Center on Level 2. Once there, you’ll run into various Typhon enemies including a Phantom and several Mimics. After dealing with these enemies, head to Danielle Sho’s computer workstation (you’ll also need to head here while you’re running through Treasure Maps trying to complete the Hidden Treasure side mission).

The first step in finding Grant Lockwood in Prey is to head up to Level 2 of the Command Center. 

After you look through Danielle Sho’s computer workstation, you’ll be able to activate Grant Lockwood’s tracking bracelet. Next, enter the number 1129 as specified in the Disgruntled Employee side mission description. Next, you’ll need to head out and find Grant Lockwood. To do so, you’ll need to pay a visit to one of the Security Stations.

Fortunately, if you head down to Level 1 of Deep Storage, you’ll find a Security Station that you can use. There, you’ll need to open the “Crew” tab and locate his name in the Cargo Bay section. Upon clicking Grant Lockwood’s name, you’ll acquire a quest marker that leads to his body. The Security Station computer gives you two helpful chunks of information in regards to Grant Lockwood: he’s dead and he’s located outside of Talos I.

You'll eventually come to learn that Grant Lockwood is dead, and his body can be found floating outside Talos I in Prey.

With these two details in mind, you’ll need to head outside Talos I and follow the marker to his floating body. Without activating the marker, though, this can be a near-impossible endeavor. As you follow the marker and track Grant Lockwood down in Prey, you’ll likely find his corpse floating around near the shuttle that he missed in the area right outside the magnetosphere.

Word of caution, the radiation is extremely heavy in this area, so try to deal with Grant Lockwood’s body in a timely manner. Once you successfully find and interact with Grant Lockwood’s body, you’ll complete the Disgruntled Employee side mission in Prey. Having trouble with any of the other side missions in Prey? Let us know in the comments below, and we’ll try to lend you a helping hand!

By reading this guide, you should now know where to find Grant Lockwood and how to complete the Disgruntled Employee side mission in Prey.

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