Prey - Where to Find the Neuromod Fabrication Plan

Find the Neuromod Fabrication Plan to help make Morgan Yu’s life on Talos I a bit easier.

While you’re playing Prey, you use Neuromods to help learn skills and believe it or not, there’s actually a Neuromod Fabrication Plan that allows you to craft additional Neuromods. That’s right, if you’re having a hard time locating Neuromods in Prey (or if you simply want to buff up your skills), you’ll need to track down the highly coveted Neuromod Fabrication Plan.

Fortunately, we can help you through this process and thus end your tireless search for Neuromods. Below, we’ll explain where you can find the Neuromod Fabrication Plan in Prey.

Where to Find the Neuromod Fabrication Plan

Finding the Neuromod Fabrication Plan in Prey will help make your life a lot easier.

The first step in finding the Neuromod Fabrication Plan is snagging a code that you’ll need later (trust us). To get this code, you’ll want to head into the Executive Office within the Talos I Lobby. Now, stop into Bianco Goodwin’s office across from the main entrance and sift through the emails on her workstation.

At the top, you’ll see an email titled “Volunteer Attitude” from John Haskins. The code is cited as 7028, but this could be randomized, so you’ll want to make sure you check this email rather than skipping this step in order to ensure you have the code before proceeding forward. Now that you have the code, you can unlock the Volunteer Quarters located in the Neuromod Division.

To track this spot down, head downstairs to the first floor, then up the next set of stairs found in the northeast corner. Keep going through the hallway and make your way back to the starting area of the game. If you remember this part of the game, it’s where you came across that obnoxious Security Booth that you couldn’t find the code for.

If you look up above you, you’ll notice there’s a balcony on the second floor. This is where you need to go. There are a few ways in which you can reach the second floor balcony, the first of which is by repairing the elevator control panel just past the Security Booth. If you don’t have this particular Neuromod skill unlocked, though, you can always use your GLOO Cannon to place a shot or two on the wall and use it as a method of climbing.

This may take a few frustrating tries, but it’s definitely possible, as we were able to do it by shooting above a swanky couch on the northern wall, then using it to jump over to the second floor balcony. Once you’re on the second floor balcony, you’re going to want to head to the Volunteer Quarters.

This is where the visit to Bianca Goodwin’s office code will come in handy, as you should now have the code to access the Volunteer Quarters. Now, head through the Volunteer Quarters and over to a door titled “Authorized Personnel Only.”

Next, look behind the desk to your left for a maintenance hatch. Climb through the maintenance hatch, up the boxes on your left, jump across the gap to some cooling units, duck under a set of pipes, and finally jump to the access tunnel above you.

After your exhausting gymnastics session, follow the tunnel into the Fabrication area. Here, you’ll need to fight a formidable Phantom so it pays to come prepared (and to not rush to complete this particular quest until you’re armed to the teeth). Once you’ve defeated this nuisance Phantom, head to the broken section of flooring and grab the key to Halden Grave’s office.

Next, turn back and head to the Supply Room. There, you can take an elevator up to the second floor. After exiting the elevator, you’ll find a locked door where you can use Grave’s keycard. There, you’ll find a workstation with a prompt to revoke the license to create Neuromods.

Cancel this prompt. In doing so, you’ll open the option to make your own Neuromods once you have the Neuromod Fabrication Plan in hand. In the next room where Grave’s body can be found is the Neuromod Fabrication Plan. With this, you can craft additional Neuromods and cease needing to scour like crazy in Prey.

By reading through this guide, you should now know where to find the Neuromod Fabrication Plan in Prey.

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