Creepiest Little Nightmares Screenshots

Take a visual tour of one of the creepiest games of the year. 

Little Nightmares is known not just because it's a creepy horror game, but because of its plethora of unique visuals. The animation style of the game really pulls you in, as protagonist Six is so much smaller than the hostile environment around her.

Couple that with the fact that the game boasts horrifying monsters and gluttonous "Guests" and you have a recipe for some memorable moments. Below, we decided to compile some of our favorite screenshots from Little Nightmares that are either creepy, or simply cool to look at! 

Note: These images may contain game spoilers and scenes you've yet to come across while playing the game.

Crawling Through Small Spaces

The various hatches, nooks, and crannies that Six repeatedly crawls through as she makes her way through The Maw is enough to make anyone a bit claustrophobic. At least she has her trusty lighter! 

The Eye Sees All

You'll frequently stumble across this strange eye symbol as you make your way through the game. This one happens to be engraved into a wooden door that opens into a dark, mysterious room.

Lonely Room

There are several rooms in Little Nightmares, each with their own unique theme. This one caught our attention not just for the eye symbol we've seen so often, but for the handprints and black paint (we hope it's paint) pooled beneath the dingy mattress. 

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