Solutions to All the Blackbox Puzzles - Page 2

All Blackbox puzzle solutions continued.

Puzzle 21: Light Orange

Box 41

  • Cut text from anywhere.
  • Go back to this level.
  • The page on the clipboard will fall off revealing the orange box.
  • Paste the cut text into Notes app.
  • It should read xobkcalb.
  • Spell out Blackbox underneath it.
  • Copy it.
  • Return to the level.

Puzzle 22: Pink

Box 42

  • Use your hand and front-facing camera to make rings.
  • The longer you cover the camera, the bigger the lines you make and vice versa.
  • Mimic the line and dot pattern you see by using the rings.

Puzzle 23: Purple

Boxes 43-48

  • Use your voice to find the pitch that correlates with each line.

Puzzle 24: Transparent With Dark Blue Border

Boxes 49-51

  • Travel to a high enough altitude to fill all the squares.

Puzzle 25: Light Green

Boxes 52-53

  • While the level is open have someone call you twice.
  • Pick up one of the calls to light up one box.
  • Decline one of the calls to light up the other.

Puzzle 26: Lavender With Border

Box 54

  • Use your fingers to pull the map off screen.
  • The game will ask you to 3Xs to stop but keep persisting.
  • A new transparent pinkish-purple box will appear on the map.
  • Take a screenshot of it.

Puzzle 27: Salmon With Border

Box 55

  • Head to
  • Lock your phone’s orientation.
  • Turn your phone upside down.
  • In the center of the screen, you’ll see Blackbox://Meta.
  • Open that link in Safari.
  • Select Yes to open this in the app.
  • This will reveal a new box and a message, "NOT SO FAST" and Blackbox:// with a lock emoji.
  • Head back to Safari and enter Blackbox:// with the key emoji.
  • Select Yes to open this in the app.
  • The new level will now be available.
  • This level is dark.
  • Head back to Safari and enter Blackbox:// with the light bulb emoji.
  • Select yes to opening this in the app.

Blackbox Solutions For 56 Through 58

If you're looking to complete the new Blackbox puzzles which include 56 through 58 then use the following instructions.

Puzzle 28: Blue-Green

Box 56

  • Pick a square and tap on its hint box.
  • Do this to 3 different squares.
  • Open 56 and tap on its hint box.

*You don’t have to reveal the hint, just tap on the square around the hint.

Puzzle 29: Blue-Green

Box 57

  • Tap on the square.
  • Tap on its hint box 3 times.

*You don’t have to reveal the hint, just tap on the square around the hint.

Puzzle 30: Fuschia With Border

Box 58

  • Push your finger to go home.
  • Hold your finger down so that the screen fills up with the color pink.


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