Hollow Knight: How to Beat the Mantis Lords

Beat the 3 Mantis Lords in Hollow Knight by using these moves.

In order to beat the Mantis Lords in Hollow Knight, you need to know a few things to prepare yourself. Before taking them on, you should've upgraded your nail twice and purchased the Quick Focus charm to speed up your healing time. Once you've done this, you are ready to face the Mantis Lords.

The battle will begin with you fighting the Mantis that sits in the middle. Once you defeat him, you’ll then fight the other two but at the same time. After you’ve successfully won the battle, any Mantis’ you approach in the game (as long as they aren't infected) will no longer attack you unless you hit them first.

Now, let's move on to the Mantis Lords’ 3 moves.

The first is when they hang from the beam on the side and throw a spinning spear that acts like a boomerang.

When there’s only one Mantis to fight, you can usually get in a couple attacks after the spear is thrown but always remember to jump over the spear when it returns.

Once you’re fighting the duo, stick to the center of the map and focus on avoiding the spinning spears since hitting the enemies at this time will prove very difficult. Instead, take this time to heal yourself if you’ve been hit but do it quickly and remember to jump if the swords get too close.

The next move is a spear lunge. To avoid this, jump over the Mantis then quickly attack from behind. Don’t try to get in more than one hit with this move. Just prepare yourself for the next attack.

The third move is an attack from above which you’ll need to dodge by stepping to the side. When the Mantis Lord lands, you’ll be able to hit him. Again, only hit them once because the next attack is coming quickly.

Once you’ve memorized how to avoid these moves and find your rhythm in battle, fighting and beating the Mantis Lords should come easy. For more on Hollow Knight, see our guide on where to find Pale Ore.

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