Yooka-Laylee: All Pagies in Glitterglaze Glacier

Chill out and collect all 25 Pagies in Glitterglaze Glacier.

There are 25 collectible Pagies in total to be found in the second world of Yooka-Laylee, Glitterglaze Glacier. Some of these Pagies you can earn by collecting various items, while others require you to complete challenges.

To help you know where to look, we’ve put together a quick guide on all Pagie locations in Glitterglaze Glacier!

All Pagies in Glitterglaze Glacier

A list of where you can find every Pagie in Glitterglaze Glacier! 
  • You can find the first Pagie to the right of Trowzer the Snake. Use your Buddy Slam move on the button to activate an obstacle course. Complete the course within the time limit to earn this Pagie.
  • The next Pagie you can earn in Glitterglaze Glacier is locked in a cage near the entrance to the Crystalline Caves. To collect this Pagie, you need to use your Sonar Shot move to hit the crystals in the following order: center, bottom, top, left, right, bottom left, bottom right.
  • Once you find the Gloomy Gem Grotto, make your way through the maze to unlock another Pagie.
  • Near Trowzer, you’ll find Kartos who you’ll need to help collect 100 gems to earn your Pagie.
  • On a hill near Kartos is another Pagie. Use your Buddy Slam move to activate the buttons, then use the Slurp State move on the cannonballs. At the top, you’ll find the Pagie in a cage.
  • Yet another Pagie can be found in the area near Kartos. Here, you’ll spot several Mr. Blowys on various moving platforms. Use the platforms to head over and collect the Pagie, though remember to stop the platforms out of the way of each Mr. Blowy to avoid falling off.
  • After you find Planker on the other side of the water where you found Trowzer, you’ll spot another Pagie in a cage. To collect it, use your Slurp State move to fire grenades at the blocks on the center platform.
  • In Glitterglaze Glacier, you’ll need to help Clara, the Skeleton Explorer again. To do this, use your Buddy Slam move to smash the igloos.
  • After you expand the Glitterglaze Glacier Grand Tome, head to the Icymetric Palace. Continue on your way through the left-hand doors until you reach an elevator. Stay on the elevator till the end to collect a Pagie.
  • While you’re in the Icymetric Palace, you’ll find a maze room with a series of doors you need to head through to progress. However, each room is identical save for the lights on the ground. To reach the Pagie, use the doors in the following order: right right, ahead, left ahead. Upon entering the final room, move the block of ice into the sun, then use your Camo Cloak move to fire a laser and release the Pagie from its cage.
  • Another Pagie in Icymetric Palace will challenge you to a quiz. Here, you’ll need to correctly answer all three questions in a row. Each question relates to objects in the room. Note that there are 7 torches, 5 vents, 5 floating barrels, 4 chests, 3 skulls, 3 crates, 3 pipes, and 1 entrance. This info will help you correctly answer the Pagie’s questions.
  • There’s another room in the Icymetric Palace that hosts a long hallway and sliding walls covered in spikes. By making it to the top of the hallway, you can collect another Pagie.
  • In the same hallway in the Icymetric Palace, there’s a path that leads to another Pagie behind locked bars. To collect this Pagie, head out of the Icymetric Palace and jump into the water. While underwater, open up the door using the ice key and head inside. Swip up, activate the button, then use your Sonic Shot move on all of the sleeping totems to open the door at the bottom. Swim through this door and you’ll be able to grab the Pagie.
  • After you’ve collected the previous Pagie, look for a vent in the corner of a room in the Icymetric Palace and use your Glide move to jump up. Go through the path and defeat the enemies to reveal several doors. Use the left door and you’ll come across a hot tub with a Pagie in a cage. Use your Bubble Walk move while in the hot tub to generate bubbles, this will help you unlock the Pagie.
  • Another Pagie can be found near the Glitterglaze Glacier spawn point. You’ll need to use your Slurp State move, eat a piece of coal, and then sit on the braziers along the way to light them up. Once they’re all lit, the ice around the Pagie will melt, allowing you to collect it.
  • Across from the Icymetric Palace you’ll find an outcropping with a Pagie in a cage. Use your Flappy Flight move to reach it, then Buddy Slam the button and complete the obstacle course within the time limit to collect this Pagie.
  • Collect all of the snowmen’s hats to earn another Pagie. To collect these hats, you’ll need to first grab the Mollycool, then head off to find the hats which are all buried beneath boulders. The first is near Planker,  the top hat is in Crystalline Cave, the cowboy hat is near the spawn point, the witch hat is near Clara, and the pirate hat can be found on the path toward the Icymetric Palace.
  • Find the Play Coin, then beat Rextro’s arcade game to earn a Pagie.
  • Beat the high score on Rextro’s arcade game to earn another Pagie.
  • Collect all 5 Ghost Writers in Glitterglaze Glacier to earn a Pagie.
  • Collect all 200 Quills in Glitterglaze Glacier to earn a Pagie.
  • Defeat the Glitterglaze Glacier boss, Burnie, in the Icymetric palace to earn another Pagie.
  • After defeating Burnie, use the flame brazier near Burnie and get back inside his mouth. There, head up the ramp into the next room toward a series of spinning pipes. After you reach the other side, you can collect another Pagie.
  • There’s another Pagie trapped inside the Icymetric Palace inside a block of ice. Use your Buddy Slam move on the blue tiles to lower them, then push the Pagie over to the warm vent after defeating Burnie. To reach this room from the entrance to Icymetric Palace, take the left door, then the next left door.
  • Once you’ve helped Burnie, the vents in the Icymetric Palace will be active. In the same room you found Burnie, use your Glide move over to the vent. This will lift you up to collect another Pagie.

There are 25 Pagies in total that you can collect from the Glitterglaze Glacier world in Yooka-Laylee. This task is much easier if you know where to look and how to solve the puzzles.

Hopefully, by reading this guide, you know where all of the Pagies are located in the Glitterglaze Glacier map of Yooka-Laylee!

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