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Buff up your indie game collection on this neglected gaming platform.

Slime Rancher

Slime Rancher is a bubbly, bright open world game that takes place on a ranch where you collect and breed different slimes. These slimes aren’t your average gooey, sticky, lifeless goop. These are ultra adorable slimes with various personalities, food preferences, and habits. You can make a name for yourself, earn lots of money, expand your ranch, and tame even the most wild of slimes in this fun indie game available for Mac.

Gang Beasts

In the multiplayer indie game, Gang Beasts, things get even more gelatinous and silly. In this hilarious brawler, you’ll relentlessly head butt, sucker punch, and throw your opponents around using squishy clay-like characters. The goal? To be the last one standing. Each environment you fight in poses different hazards. If you eventually tire of facing off against friends, you can also try your hand at waves of pugnacious AI. Gang Beasts is an indie game that's an easy party favorite for Mac gamers to have in their arsenal.

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